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Re: new use for old human med -- do you think it could be applied to kitties?

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  • Dana Rulf (merlynsmama) <drulf@coresys.c
    I knew if I posted, someone somewhere would know something about this! Thanks for the info -- it s just good to know. We re not there with Merlyn, but for
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 26, 2003
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      I knew if I posted, someone somewhere would know something about
      this! Thanks for the info -- it's just good to know. We're not
      there with Merlyn, but for future reference...
      Paws crossed for you and yours!
      Merlyn & Tully

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Steph <sschoff@e...>"
      <sschoff@e...> wrote:
      > Dana, wafarin (brand name: Coumadin) is actually used in cats
      > already. I think at least one person's cat on this board is using
      > it. It is definitely an aggressive anticoagulant preventative
      > measure when used in cats. The vet cardiologist we bring Gus to
      > suggested warfarin as an option for Gus last August when we brought
      > him in (she found a blood clot in his left atrium). What she told
      > was that warfarin cannot break any clots down, just prevent future
      > clots. Also, initially Gus would be more likely to throw a clot if
      > we used warfarin. Although many cats have been put on warfarin, it
      > is a very risky measure because of bleeding complications and so it
      > can be fatal. It is something you have to monitor very very
      > (clotting times) because they can bleed to death. Our reg vet said
      > she has some patients on warfarin and they are doing quite well. I
      > just didn't want to take that risk. I was so scared to make the
      > decision.
      > Our vet suggested three things last August:
      > 1. Warfarin - oral
      > 2. Injectable heparin then overlap w/ warfarin
      > 3. Low molecular weight heparin (pretty safe but maybe not as
      > effective) Also can be cost prohibitive.
      > 4. Do nothing/ keep using aspirin
      > We elected to go w/ the low molec wt hep. (Lovenox – enoxaparin
      > sodium).
      > From what I understand, cats that have a massively enlarged left
      > atrium (like Gus) are at an increased risk for blood clots. So far
      > things are going OK.
      > Paws crossed,
      > -Steph, Gus & Louise
      > www.gussielou.com
      > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Chris Martín <thecatdiva@m...>
      > wrote:
      > > On 2/25/03 9:08 PM,Dana Rulf (merlynsmama) <drulf@c...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > Warfarin, an "old-
      > > > fashioned" (people) blood thinner
      > > I'm not making any comments about its beneficial uses on humans or
      > > animals...BUT Warfarin is the active agent in rat poisons
      > It
      > > causes the animal to bleed to death internally. That is why it's
      > dangerous
      > > for cats to prey on rats and mice in the 'hood, because if that
      > rodent has
      > > been poisoned then the cat will die also.
      > >
      > > Chris
      > > "Even overweight cats instinctively know the cardinal rule: When
      > fat,
      > > arrange yourself in slim poses." --John Weitz
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