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Re: New member, would like advice please (kinda long)

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  • barb1622000 <bemk@softhome.net>
    My questions would be centered on three things: can they get rid of the current clot(s) ASAP, then talk about medications and diet with the complication of
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2003
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      My questions would be centered on three things: can they get rid of
      the current clot(s) ASAP, then talk about medications and diet with
      the complication of CRF. It is also important to ask if she is at
      future high or medium or low risk of clots and what medication they
      can give in regard to that. Are you able to keep her in a low stress
      situation. I ask because you mentioned you had a lot of cats and
      sometimes certain cats can pick on sick older cats. I had eight cats
      once because I took in my mom's after she died and my cats picked on
      my mom's elderly, slower cats and that stressed them out.

      I think you are doing a great job too, that you are doing the right
      thing by having a cardiologist in and I hope you hear good news

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "barbara" <barbara@b...> wrote:
      > Chris, your little girl is so lucky to have found you in this
      life. Keep on keeping on in her behalf. I can't help you with
      advice, just wanted to tell you I am sending positive thoughts and
      prayers for the both of you. Keep her with you as long as you can,
      you've obviously done a great job thus far.
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      > From: Chris Martín
      > To: Kitty Hearts
      > Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 8:52 PM
      > Subject: [FH] New member, would like advice please (kinda long)
      > Hello
      > My name is Chris, I live in Albuquerque, and I have many (many!)
      cats. I am
      > here because of my soul-mate, Xerox, a half-Abyssinian girl-kitty
      who will
      > be 19 years old on March 27. I have known her since the day she
      was born (I
      > knew her mama); we have lived together since she was about 6
      weeks old. She
      > was dx'd w/CRF in September 2000, and is being treated with subQ
      > epo, phosphate binder, pepcid, yadda yadda yadda infinitum...for
      > condition. She's done pretty well until very recently.
      > I hope that's enough for an intro?
      > Xerox went to the emergency clinic yesterday because she'd lost
      > control in her left hind leg and her right hind toes. The vet
      there found
      > that she was hypothermic (97.0ºF). Bloodwork showed that her HCT
      > dropped to 20%; most of her kidney values were not too bad for a
      > patient, not significantly changed since last exam, except the
      HCT, which
      > was 29 or 30% January 20, and has been stable for several months.
      > Xrays showed she has an enlarged heart and very mild pleural
      effusion. The
      > partial paralysis in her hind limbs is probably a result of a
      blood clot,
      > according to the ER vet.
      > Ultrasound results from today (have not been evaluated by
      cardiologist yet)
      > shows an enlarged left atrium. The tech says she has "restrictive
      > cardiomyopathy". She said this condition is conducive to
      throwing blood
      > clots, but it is manageable with drugs.
      > I have received a bunch of information from listmates on the
      Older Kitties,
      > Anemia, and CRF lists, but havent' had nearly enough time to
      absorb it all
      > (and here I am asking you experts for more LOL).
      > I will be seeing my regular vet tomorrow some time, after the
      > confers with him about the ultrasound.
      > MY QUESTIONS (thought I'd never get here, huh?):
      > -What should I be looking for in regard to care?
      > -What kind of prognosis is there for a 19-year-old cat with
      > already-compromised health (CRF)?
      > -What kind of questions should I be asking my vet?
      > -"What do I need to know before I walk in there" is, I guess, my
      > question.
      > Thank you for wading through this post. any info and/or advice
      you can
      > share will be greatly appreciated.
      > Chris
      > "My cat knows everything about me, and loves me anyway."--
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