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Re: [FH] Please tell me I'm just paranoid

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  • Coonity
    Claire, I am not the most experienced person in heart diseases - at least I have never yet seen a cat suffer from it - but I hope I can calm you a bit,
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      Claire, I am not the most experienced person in heart diseases - at least I have never yet seen a cat suffer from it - but I hope I can calm you a bit, although a check-up from your vet will be a good idea.

      My showneuter Rasputin had the same symptoms for several months when he was a kitten (5 months and older) and I really worried about it. I phoned with the breeder because I knew she had his parents tested for HCM annually. She advised me to have him examined by my vet and I did - everything was fine. But everytime he had his "wild minutes" he panted very strong with tongue out and it took him quite some time to recover. So I planned to screen him as soon as possible.
      Then I found us a big appartement and was completely occupied with all the adaption and renovation work and preparation for the move. So time passed by. Now this appartement happens to have a huge outdoor run ... and suddenly Rasputin's panting was gone completely. So it seems the panting had been a result of a lack of training - just like you and me would have to go for a hard sprint while leaving like a couch-potatoe for the rest of the month.

      Maybe this helps a bit for the moment?

      Kindest regards,
      Ulrike Illia
      Coonity Maine Coons

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      Hi Group

      I have a question regarding my new kitty "Spackle" who came to me
      after Sprocket left me just before Xmas due to CRF.

      Spackle is 12 weeks old and is your normal "maniac" kitten with much
      too much energy but I have noticed that when she is having her mad
      moments and running around she pants like a dog. The first time it
      happened it was a very hot day so I just though she was overheating
      but last night she started it again and it was quite cool. She
      doesn't continue panting once she stops the activity - just breathes
      fast and noisily through her mouth while she is running/chasing.

      Has anyone else noticed kitties doing this sort of thing? I'm
      worried in case she has a problem and will make sure she gets her
      heart & lungs checked out at next vet trip - but I just wondered if I
      am being paranoid - I'm so scared of going through another sick kitty
      trauma just yet.

      Please tell me I have nothing to worry about!!!

      Claire, Basil, Spackle & Angel Sprocket

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