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Re: Lil Lady's last day (long)

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  • lipmancats <barbaralipman@ezsweeps.com>
    Cindy, My deepest condolances on the loss of your Lil Lady. She was fortunate to spend her long life with such a devoted owner. Take care, Barbara and the
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 1, 2003
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      My deepest condolances on the loss of your Lil Lady. She was
      fortunate to spend her long life with such a devoted owner.
      Take care,
      Barbara and the furry crew
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "cindy mitchell"
      <cmitchell@c...> wrote:
      > All of you know that I had a terrible time coming to this
      decision. It was not until the last morning when Lady just seemed to
      be saying "no more, please" about the assist feedings and was so
      terribly pitiful that I decided. We went to the vet and I asked him
      wht he would do; he said if she were his cat, this is what he would
      do. If I could kept her without the force feeding, I might have, b/c
      I don't think she was in an immediate danger from the CHF and
      probably not from CRF. But the CHF had worsened so quickly the first
      time on Tuesday, I knew that that it could be a danger. Neither she
      nor I wanted another assist feeding and I just could not keep her
      here for my own sake. She let me know in her own way that she had
      had enough and I could not force her.
      > Of course, I had second thoughts all day and both my local vet and
      I talked with the Mempis vet specialist. We all concurred, since I
      was not willing to leave her in a 24 hour hospital setting at this
      point. I was NOT goingto
      > let die up there somewhere alone.
      > She was so tired and ready for it all to end. I cooked baked
      chicken for --her favorite, and
      > opend cans of cat food. If she would just eat, I would have taken
      it as a sign, but she had no interest.
      > Lady died peacefully around 6:00 pm at home, with my petting and
      loving her and tellinng her how much I loved her.. It actually took
      a long time, b/c her veins had gotten so bad that the vet had a hard
      time getting the IV shot
      > in. But he had given an IM shot earlier and she had fallen asleep
      with me holding her, so she was not aware of all that.
      > Lady's best catsitter was here, and afterwards one of her best
      friends came over. (I called a friend who is a pediatrician to come
      over, too, to be absolutely certain she was gone.) They stayed til
      > Waking up this morning with her gone is the hardest, and I know
      coming home at night from work to a house without her will be, too.
      > I have dreaded this day for years, wondering how badit would be,
      how I could come to the decision. We had a peaceful day after we got
      back yesterday
      > morning late from the vet's. She peed, laid in the box a long time,
      then pooped, and laid in the box (luckily both had gone over the
      edge, a long time habit of hers). She was so very tired. Then she
      got her on blanket in
      > my closet and I eventually took a small electric radiator in there
      to keep her warmer, since she would not get on her heated bed.
      > It was so wonderful not having to force medicine and food down her
      throat. I did give subqs yesterday morning before the vet trip and a
      little more again about 4:00 pm to make her feel better, and since
      she loved the feeling
      > of subqs. She purred and slept most of the time. I stayed with
      her and petted and hugged her. Later I spent about an hour brushing
      her with her zoom groom (her favorite) and her tiny little rubber
      brush under her chin, just before the vet arrived.
      > She stayed on my bed after the doctor left for several hours. I
      could not bear to move her (and I wanted to be sure she was really
      gone). Now she's curled up in one of her beds, and a friend and I
      will take her to the pet
      > crematorium today for a private cremation. I will pick up her
      ashes Monday or Tuesday.
      > In retrospect, and having been through the last week, I now realize
      how luckey I was from the time of her diagnosis in October 2000.
      After the first few weeks of getting subqs and pepid straight, she
      had very little
      > vomiting and very few days where she did not feel well and
      comfortable and happy. Especially the last year she never ate as
      much as I wanted, but she was always a picky eater and we could
      assist feed. Although she did not like that, she tolerated it and
      ate on her own, too.
      > Until the last few days, when her attitude about the assist
      feedings really changed. Up until Monday she enjoyed going outside,
      lying in the sun in the kitty atriumor the flower bed, digging around
      outside to find the old k/d I threw out for the birds or raccoons,
      and just enjoying life. Monday was her last time for that. Tuesday
      was the chest tap, and she never walked around again after that.
      > I would not change this last week although it gained us nothing but
      a few days of her being uncomfortable. I had to try and if I had pts
      Tuesday night I would have had even more doubts than now. I don't
      think you can ever make this kind of life and death decision for
      another without some second thoughts, but I feel that Lady was ready
      and I was not willing, the way she was acting and felt, to force her
      any longer.
      > Having seen her this last week, when she did nothing but sit in bed
      and go to the litter when absolutely necessary, stopping to lie down
      and rest at least once on the short walk over, I now really
      appreciate the last two
      > years and how happy and comfortable she was. This group gave me
      that, and I know that she would have been gone long ago without this
      group, and that her last days would have been much worse.
      > Thanks to all of you. The sweetest little cat in the whole world
      thanks you, too.
      > I have always called Lil Lady "my littlest angel" b/c she was
      originally the only female out of a group of three kitties. Now she
      really is an angel.
      > I hope I will one day see her again.
      > Cindy and Lil Lady, angel kitty 6/2/84 - 1//31/03
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    • Helen <helen.miles@virgin.net>
      Dear Cindy, You and Lady are very much in our thoughts and prayers. It is very difficult and painful to let a beloved friend go quietly and with dignity, but
      Message 2 of 4 , Feb 3, 2003
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        Dear Cindy,

        You and Lady are very much in our thoughts and prayers. It is very
        difficult and painful to let a beloved friend go quietly and with
        dignity, but it is also the greatest final act of friendship that you
        can give. In time, the pain will ease and your heart will be filled
        with happy memories and less grief.

        We have lit a candle for her to light her way.


        Helen M
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