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Re: Question about oxygen cage/tank

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  • Ladytaga <femfatalev@aol.com>
    Well he has a birth defect (left atrium defect, or supramitral valvular stenosis). He actually shouldn t have lived to 7 years old they said...Everytime I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2003
      Well he has a birth defect (left atrium defect, or supramitral
      valvular stenosis). He actually shouldn't have lived to 7 years old
      they said...Everytime I would give him his meds he would begin to
      have difficulty breathing(more so then normal), he would begin to
      drool and basically I felt 3-4 times a day was to much stress on
      him. I tried to hide the pills in treats but the heart med (Dilacor)
      he could smell it worked when he was in the hospital with keeping his
      heart rate normal and etc. but at home I couldn't give it to him. So
      I decided to take him off with the ok from the vet. He was doing
      fine active so I thought I did the right thing. Best to have a great
      last couple of months then have him all upset that his mommy is
      torturing him from some odd reason. Right? Now I am trying to figure
      out if he is in pain or not. My vet said that he might be. Regardless
      I tried to find threads on it I could only find the oxygen for hikers
      that only lasts little while. I thought someone might have better
      options then that. I wish we had an ambulance to my knowledge we
      don't. The other night I would have called it. I have take him to
      the Vet hospital (Uni. of Penn) 3 times so far which isn't that many.
      Its just the trip to the hospital that always makes him 50x's worse
      and lately makes me think he won't make it. Really would do anything
      for him...I just don't want it to start being about me making him
      live for me...but thank-you I will look under oxygen containers
      instead of cages...I plan on getting an oxygen tank and hopefully
      getting it filled at my vet.
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Myra DeTate <mdetate@s...>"
      <mdetate@s...> wrote:
      > Why did you take him off meds? There is no definitive time frame
      > for this disease. Bob's vet said 3 days to 10 yrs. Many of the
      > kitties on this group have lived years past the estimated 3 months
      > with meds. The lasix will help with the fluid, but I would either
      > take my Bob to the 24 hour clinic or call the pet ambulance and
      > him transported in oxygen. However, if you have an oxygen tank, do
      > a search on the messages in this group as there was a discussion
      > about oxygen and containers not very long ago. I remember though
      > that you want a heated environment rather than a cold one. We are
      > sending you healing thoughts of love and peace.
      > Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      > Myra and Bob
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