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RE: [feline-heart] Taffy is home...

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    ... I am SO happy that Taffy is back hom. He ll be so much happier there & recover faster. ... I think this are excellent signs. It s only been a week & he
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2000
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      > For those interested, Taffy, whose rear legs were
      > paralyzed last Saturday morning from a blood clot
      > (saddle thrombus), came home with us today. The vet
      > took him off IV, as he began to drink voluntarily
      > yesterday. We are still having to put food into his
      > mouth, but he swallows it gladly.

      I am SO happy that Taffy is back hom. He'll be so much happier there &
      recover faster.

      > He has regained extremely limited movement in
      > both back legs, and wags his tail animately. One leg
      > is a little swollen.

      I think this are excellent signs. It's only been a week & he shows
      improvement already. BTW: did the vet say why his leg was swollen?

      > He is continuing to receive aspirin every other day, and I
      > give him heparin shots 3 times a day.

      I also gave Lynx heparin shots when we brought him home. Did your vet say
      how long we will be getting them? I was under the (amateur) impression that
      heparin is usually given for only 48-72 hours.

      > On Monday, we'll begin to actively search for a feline
      > cardiologist in the Chicago or southern
      > Wisconsin area. Any referrals or advice on his treatment
      > is welcome.

      Excellent idea. I strongly recommend that you get Taffy to a specialist as
      soon as feasible. The sooner you treat the underlying heart problem, the

      I don't know if any of these doctors are close enough to you, but try
      looking here:


      These are all ACVIM cardiologists.

      > . . .
      > We still don't know if he'll make it, but we'll give him
      > every chance and support, and continue sharing our love.
      > Thanks for all advice and good wishes.

      He's a lucky boy to have you caring for him. As always, he will be in my

      > Chuck and Vicki Ebeling
      > Applewood Lodge
      > Walworth, Wisconsin

      & Tabby (RB), Licorice, Tigger, Lynx
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