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Re: Cat has been diagnosed w/ hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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  • Steph <sschoff@earthlink.net>
    Hi John, I am so sorry to hear about Winston s difficulties. If you can, I would bring him to a veterinary cardiologist ASAP to have an echocardiogram. Maybe
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2003
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      Hi John, I am so sorry to hear about Winston's difficulties. If you
      can, I would bring him to a veterinary cardiologist ASAP to have an
      echocardiogram. Maybe Winston needs more/different medication then
      he is receiving. There are some folks on this list whose cats have
      had saddle thrombus so hopefully they can share their experiences
      with you.

      Our cat, Gus, while he has not thrown a clot, is high risk for blood
      clots. He was on 81mg aspirin every 3 days for about 6 months and
      then a 1cm clot was seen in his heart in August `02 (via
      echocardiogram). The vet recommended that he be put on a more
      potent blood thinner. We talked to a few cardiologists who all
      believed aspirin was not effective for his situation. Gus has
      severe hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy and a very large left
      atrium with spontaneous contrast. Under the direction of our vet
      cardiologist, Gus is now on a low molecular weight heparin injection
      1x/day (Lovenox).

      Did the vet initially give Winston a more potent blood thinner? Our
      vet told us that if Gus throws a clot to rush him to the vet ASAP so
      they can administer heparin, among other things.
      I guess every situation is different. I hope some of this info.

      Here's a good link on thromboembolic disease:

      We will keep you both in our thoughts.
      Keep us posted.

      Steph & Gus

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      <jnewland27@y...> wrote:
      > Our Winston was recently diagnosed with hypertrophic
      > He had an "episode" a week ago. We found him near his food bowl,
      > when he tried to stand, his back legs would not respond (saddle
      > thrombus). We did not know what happened, but after a short period
      > time, he was able to use both legs, but one foot was not
      > We took him to the vet, but for some reason, the vet did not
      > him at this time. We brought him home, and he began to get better
      > better. He had full use of his back foot, and was eating again.
      > Exactly a week later, he had another episode. We found him laying
      > the floor upstairs, and he was panting. Again, he did not have the
      > of his legs (but it was all 4). We calmed him down, and his
      > became normal again. The paralysis was in his front right paw this
      > time. It was late at night, so we waited til the next morning to
      > the vet. They said bring him in right away. Well, with the help of
      > x-ray, he was finally diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A
      > diagnosis that I was dreading. We are attempting to set up an
      > appointment for a echo-cardiogram to pinpoint the diagnosis and get
      > him on a proper drug.
      > He stayed at the ICU unit for approx. 24 hours, and was sent home.
      > has stabilized, and is moving his paw, but still has difficulty
      > placing weight on it.
      > He is on lasix (diuretic) and aspirin (for clots). I've read about
      > many other drugs and therapies, that my head is spinning. I know
      > the lifespan after this diagnosis varies dramatically. I need any
      > information concerning longevity and comfort.
      > I thank all of you, in advance, for any information that you can
      > me.
      > -John
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