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Re: [FH] FIV

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  • diane
    When it rains it pours doesn t it? Hang in there.... :) Diane
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 27, 2002
      When it rains it pours doesn't it? Hang in there.... :)


      >-Dear Diane,
      >I just posted an update on Gina on the board here.
      >I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful
      >support, once again. What a year !
      >-- In feline-heart@y..., diane <diane@m...> wrote:
      >> Michael,
      >> What a shock to you to hear this so soon after Elizabeth!
      >> I know it's almost impossible, but try to hang in there until her
      >> tests are done.
      >> I think Cat Fancy and/or Catnip have done articles on FIP recently.
      >> If you don't get these magazines I'd be happy to look through mine
      >> for you.
      >> Keeping fingers crossed,
      > > Diane
      > >
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