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Re: [FH] Sacred Journeys

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  • targa66
    Dear Carrie: Just a quick note to send my condolences. As others have said on this list - try not to question your decision to help Wolfy in his passing. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 4, 2002
      Dear Carrie:

      Just a quick note to send my condolences. As others have said on
      this list - try not to question your decision to help Wolfy in his
      passing. I think it's one of the hardest - and kindest - things we
      can do for those who we love, when we know their "spark" is gone and
      that they are just waiting to pass. He's truly at peace now and not
      suffering any longer. He'll be with you in spirit always.

      I had similar experiences when my beloved Targa passed in August - I
      kept seeing shadows of him everywhere I looked. A dear friend
      suggested that was him visiting me and trying to help me in my
      grief. My remaining cat, Pacino, was more affected than I could ever
      imagine - he was so listless and depressed that I thought I would
      lose him, too. But he has since rallied back, and I try to tell him -
      with words and thought-pictures - that his "brother" Targa is still
      with us and loving us, just from a different place.

      I hope you can find peace soon. Hang in there.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Cyber-Paws Designs" <webdesign@c...> wrote:
      > Dear Sally and Angel Muffin,
      > Thank you SO much for this, I cannot even say how much this means
      to me.
      > I also want to thank everyone else who has posted, and emailed
      > and sent poems and sympathy, it truly has helped. I plan to email
      > privately when I am feeling a little more emotionally stable.
      > This has been a sad past few weeks for so many of us here, and I am
      > thankful to have you all here. I know I did not post often, but I
      did lurk
      > and read all the messages over the past few months since I joined
      > group. Although it is a sad bond we share, its a strong bond, and
      its a
      > true bond of love. I believe our furbabies who have crossed
      recently are
      > together at the Bridge and are watching over us, and I'm sure they
      are glad
      > that we have each other here.
      > Lynnie sent me a wonderful link, thank you so much! It helped me
      greatly in
      > learning to accept that we have to help our furbabies.
      > A long time ago I wrote a poem called Twilight Hill. I had never
      put a pet
      > to sleep prior to Wolfy, yet for some reason years ago I was
      inspired to
      > write Twilight Hill. My intention at the time was for it to be
      read for
      > children who had lost a pet. If anyone would like to read it, it
      is posted
      > at my website here:
      > http://www.cyber-paws.com/twilight.htm
      > I put most of this site together when my little BooBoo crossed
      almost four
      > years ago, and I even started a small, yet beautiful virtual
      resting place.
      > I am thinking of starting that up again, I think a lot of people
      > appreciate it.
      > I am still very sad and feel lost. I keep thinking I see or hear
      > Wolfy...and maybe in a way I am. Maybe its his way of letting me
      know that
      > he is still with me.
      > My other pets are acting a bit strange. My dog has been very sad
      and has
      > thrown up 3 times. My Persian, Wooby, who had a very special bond
      > Wolfy, is now sleeping in all of Wolfy's special sleeping spots,
      which Wooby
      > has never done before. My other two cats also have been staring at
      > special pet carrier, which he slept in during his last day, and he
      did pass
      > over inside this carrier. I have taken the blankets out of it and
      > everything, and I have left it zippered shut for now...but they are
      > into it and meowing. I am sure they miss him as much as I do.
      > I have Wolfy's collar, and I do have his fur, which I saved over
      the months
      > and also clipped a bit from him before he left, and it does help to
      have it,
      > and to smell it, and feel it. I saved the tiny towel that his head
      > resting on all day on Thursday, he had drooled a tiny bit on it
      while he was
      > sleeping, and I placed it in a zip lock bag. Maybe this seems
      strange, but
      > not to me. His scent is on it, and I want to keep it.
      > I know a woman who makes tiny teddy bears. Earlier this year she
      made me
      > tiny stuffed animals, one that resembles my dog and one that
      > Wolfy. I have the little Wolfy one resting on his special food
      dish, with
      > his collar. I contacted her earlier today, and she is going to
      make me an
      > extra tiny version of Wolfy, and sew a bit of his fur inside, so
      that I can
      > have a little bit of him with me always. It will be tiny enough to
      keep in
      > my pocket, or next to my bed, or in my purse. I hope this does not
      > crazy. I collect tiny stuffed toys, so this one will be extra
      special to
      > me. She is also a cat lover.
      > My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pet and has had to
      endure this
      > sadness. I am not sure if anyone else here participates in the
      > evening Candlelight Ceremony, but I plan to lite a special candle
      for Wolfy
      > every Monday at 10pm. I will also think of all the other babies on
      > list as I light his candle.
      > I am also grateful that I have an understanding family. My parents
      went to
      > church last nite for All Souls Day, and they requested a special
      prayer for
      > Wolfy. That meant a lot to me.
      > I am putting together a huge photo collage of the photos I have of
      > which I will hang by my bed so I can look at his sweet little
      face. I am so
      > glad I took lots of pictures of him during his time with me.
      > I also plan to keep Wolfy's web site up. I will update it when I
      feel a
      > little better. I think its important to keep his little story up
      for others
      > to read, so that other kitty owners faced with this same heart
      disease know
      > that there is hope. Wolfy lived much longer than the vets ever
      expected, as
      > a kitten they had told me he may live a year, and he lived to 3
      years and
      > one week. He is my little hero.
      > Thank you all so much. You have made this hard time easier for me,
      and I
      > dont feel so alone knowing that you care and understand. All of
      your posts
      > and emails touched me deeply, and I I have had some good cries,
      which I know
      > is part of the healing.
      > Love to you all,
      > Carrie and Angel Wolfy
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      > From: Sally J.Smith [mailto:sallymerlin@y...]
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      > Subject: [FH] Sacred Journeys
      > Dear Friends,
      > Words cannot begin to express my heart's resonance at hearing
      > the passing of Smoky, Freckles and now, Wolfy...and how much I feel
      > the grief and sadness that their caregivers must be feeling....we
      > know and feel this grief and my heart goes out to all who have lost
      > are dealing with the approach of letting go of their dear
      > furfriends..this is challenging and difficult work we all are doing.
      > As some of you may have heard, I have been in touch with
      > Muffin-in-Spirit since he passed over and I hope I can offer some
      > ideas of support that come from him and his passing...not to say
      > what he experienced is what all experience, but to perhaps offer
      > information on how one journey has unfolded. This forum has always
      > been such a good place for such sharings....
      > Muffin reassured me that he, as a being-born-into-Spirit-being did
      > not experience trauma or suffering even though it looked like his
      > might be suffering...he told me that as the transition time
      > approaches, the Spirit body begins to disconnect from the physical
      > body...that they are still tethered together but that the Spirit
      > is beginning to take form and shape as the physical is needing to do
      > what it has to do to shut down and go to rest.
      > The Spirit or Etheric body CANNOT feel physical pain and but it
      > "see" and or remember a traumatic end, but that it is like watching
      > movie...it's like observing something that is happening to someone
      > else...there are shielding walls or fields of protection that move
      > to help the Spirit in transition to get out of the body.
      > There are helpers in the Spirit realm who come and help those who
      > need it, but not all Spirits in transition need help.
      > Just after his Spirit left his body, there was a time of
      > "collecting himself"...it was as if he needed to review and process
      > what had just happened and all of his life that he had lived while
      > was here. He also had to collect and gather himself and his
      > energies...I'm not really sure what this means, but he said it was
      > important time for him to adjust to now being in Spirit. I have no
      > idea how he experienced the duration of this process, but to me, it
      > felt like it took him a week in my timeframe to finally "arrive" in
      > his new dimension.
      > He said that he understands how hard it is for those of us who
      > left behind...that our attachment to the forms is what holds us in
      > grief rather than in celebration for this great and powerful
      > transformation and that our grief and sadness and loss is a
      > aspect of being Human...(I get the feeling in hearing this that
      > animals just don't feel these kinds of sad and
      > depleating emotions)...and that it is important that we honour our
      > relationships of Love with the act of grieving so that we can begin
      > heal all the grief that has gone unhealed for millenia (I'm not
      > sure what this means, but it is what he said)
      > He said that [from the perspective of the animal in
      > transition] hearing our caregivers heart's speak to us in Loving
      > concern is a soothing balm that makes transition go easier,
      > of the method of departure...and that loving acts are loving acts
      > all Love is Sacred, especially at times of transition...we (us
      > caregivers) should not feel guilt about how we chose to support or
      > animal's transition...that all choices made out of love are the
      > ones, because they are made WITH love...he also said that the
      > of second-guessing our choices is another human peculiarity, and
      > it often does not serve us well.
      > He said that he is now closer to The Divine than he could ever be
      > when he was in a body and that there was nothing that I could do
      > in the earth plane that would hold him back from what he needs now
      > do or where he needs now to go...that my grief and sadness are my
      > and that I need to work thru it and honour it, every bit, but it did
      > not impact him at all. He also said that he is in such Joy now.
      > This is what I have received from him since his transition...I
      > offer it in hope that it may be of help and support for those who
      > now dealing with this difficult work.
      > And on a very simple and practical note, something I've been wanting
      > to say for months now...to those of you who still have your cat
      > friends with you.....consider saving the fur you collect from your
      > brushings...I wish I had saved more. Having that bit of freely given
      > fur around after they are gone is very helpful in the grieving...and
      > as you keep rolling and kneading the ball it turns into a kind of
      > felt-like material...it's really nice to have around...it smells
      > him :-)
      > Love to all,
      > Sally and Angel Muffin
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