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Re: Wolfy, my Angel

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  • marjafreja
    Carrie, The sky has been blessed with a new bright start. Wolfy will be watching you from above. He ll always be with you wherever you go, whatever you do.
    Message 1 of 33 , Nov 2, 2002
      The sky has been blessed with a new bright start. Wolfy will be
      watching you from above. He'll always be with you wherever you
      go, whatever you do. You'll meet one day on the Bridge...
      You made the right choice for him, now he is resting without pain
      or sorrow.
      Take care of yourself and keep all the magic moments you had
      with Wolfy close to your heart.
      Lots of hugs, Marja
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      > Dear List,
      > My darling little Wolfy is now sleeping with the Angels.
      > This is hard to write since I still have not really accepted what
      > happened, but I wanted to let you all know, and maybe I will
      feel better if
      > I let it out.
      > Last nite, Wolfy seemed to be getting much worse as the nite
      went on. I sat
      > by him all day for the past two days and nites, watching,
      praying, looking
      > for signs...anything. As I watched him yesterday and last nite,
      he seemed
      > to withdraw, he did not really sleep, but layed and stared
      blankly. He did
      > not seem very alert. His breathing was getting worse, and to
      me it looked
      > like the little dazzling spark in his eyes was gone.
      > I struggled for hours with trying to make a decision. I petted
      him and
      > kissed him and cried over him...I told him how much I love him,
      how much he
      > has meant to me and how special he is, how his strength has
      helped ME so
      > much. I begged him for forgiveness if I have let him down or
      made the wrong
      > choice. My mom and my brother were here, and they are both
      animal lovers
      > and love Wolfy very much, and they both felt that Wolfy was
      ready to go on
      > his next journey and that we would have to help him. I had a
      hard time with
      > this, as I wanted so much for him to go on his own, but he is
      such a
      > fighter, and I think he was struggling, just as I was.
      > I sat alone with him and whispered to him, and for the first
      time, I picked
      > him up and held him against my chest. I have never been able
      to hold Wolfy,
      > as the pressure of being picked up is not good for him, but I
      very gently
      > lifted him and I layed on the floor and layed him on my chest,
      and stroked
      > and kissed him. I was shocked at how thin he had become,
      so quickly, his
      > little spine actually hurt my hands as I held him, and now I
      understand why
      > he was so uncomfortable. His little body must have hurt. Wolfy
      has always
      > been a small cat, but over the past 2 days his weight
      diminished amazingly
      > quickly. He was only about 4lbs, if that.
      > My brother and my mom drove us to the vets, I spoke to Wolfy
      during the
      > drive, and by the time we got there, he was much worse. He
      did not even
      > seem to know that we were not home anymore. His breathing
      become worse and
      > his little legs started to kick, and he let out a small cry that
      broke my
      > heart.
      > Everyone had told me that putting a cat to sleep is easy and
      quick and
      > peaceful, but I really didn't feel like that. My poor baby went into
      > seizure and I began to cry uncontrollably. I turned away for a
      few moments
      > and my brother held him as Wolfy slipped away, and then I
      went to him and
      > petted him and told him how much I love him. I hate to sound
      grim, but this
      > was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my entire life
      and I am
      > having a very hard time accepting it. I keep trying to tell myself
      that I
      > did the right thing, that it was his time, he was too weak and
      frail to
      > recover. But a part of me also feels terrible, like I let him down.
      > I would do anything to bring him back, to kiss him one more
      time, to see
      > those little eyes looking at me. I miss him so much already, I
      can barely
      > think straight or sleep. Wolfy was a huge part of my life. I have
      > pets that I love and they are terrific, but there is an emptiness
      here now.
      > Wolfy was really the only thing in my life that I ever did right. I
      fell in
      > love with him the moment I saw him and that love just grew
      every day. I
      > feel lost without him.
      > I am so sorry to go on and on. I am just so upset over this and
      I dont know
      > how to deal with it. Thank you all so much for your care and
      support, it is
      > nice to know that people care and understand.
      > I love my little Wolfy so much, and I hope that he can forgive me
      and that
      > he knows how very much I love him, with all of my heartbeats.
      Sleep with
      > the angels, little one, I hope you are free now and able to play
      and sleep
      > and breathe peacefully.
      > Please hug all of your furbabies, and keep Wolfy in your
      > Carrie
    • Cyber-Paws Designs
      Jonathan, Thank you so much for the post. I am sure that Tabby and Lynx welcomed my little Wolfy and I m sure they are having a blast at the Bridge. Wolfy
      Message 33 of 33 , Nov 6, 2002

        Thank you so much for the post. I am sure that Tabby and Lynx welcomed my
        little Wolfy and I'm sure they are having a blast at the Bridge. Wolfy has
        been unable to play since he was 7 months old, so I am quite sure that he is
        having lots of fun being able to jump and stalk and do all the things a
        kitten should do.

        I miss Wolfy incredibly. I am amazed at how quiet the house seems, even tho
        he was such a quiet little guy. There are two dogs and 5 other cats in the
        house, yet there is still an emptiness. I still cry every day, but I'm
        starting to feel a little bitter. I've made a huge photo collage of him to
        hang by my bed. I am so thankful that I took so many pictures of him!

        One word of advice I can give to everyone, take lots and lots of photos, and
        do save some fur. I believe it helps.

        Thank you again, all of you, for being here for me.


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        I've been meaning to send you this note since you posted about Wolfy's
        passing. But I haven't been able to bring myself to do it until now.

        I was so incredibly saddened by your note that I literally screamed out
        loud. I haven't cried this hard for quite awhile. Though I never met
        Wolfy, I felt as if I knew him from your postings & the web site.

        I know how much you love him & how close he was to you. And I know how much
        it hurt to have to let him go. But I also know how brave you were to do
        what was best for dear Wolfy, despite the pain it has left you with.

        I asked our boys Tabby & Lynx to welcome Wolfy to the Bridge & to make him
        feel welcome there. I know they'll do it; they're really good boys.

        I know there are really no words for an event like this. But please know
        that you & Wolfy have been in my thoughts & prayers.

        Jonathan Rosenberg
        Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Licorice, Tigger,
        Jet, Belle

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