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RE: [feline-heart] cardiomyopathy & kidney disease (ferret)

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    ... NOTE: Cokie is a ferret. ... What does the vet have to say about this? ... I m really wondering why the other vet didn t suggest Lasix. ... I don t think
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 9, 2000
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      > Subject: Re: [feline-heart] cardiomyopathy & kidney disease (ferret)

      NOTE: Cokie is a ferret.

      > Cokie seems to be doing a little better now that she has had a few more
      > doses of the diltiazem, but no change with the "water belly".

      What does the vet have to say about this?

      > > You may want to ask your vet about giving a diuretic. I know that
      > > smaller doses of fluids and more often are suggested with kitty's
      > > with renal failure.

      > I'm going to discuss this with the other vet this week.

      I'm really wondering why the other vet didn't suggest Lasix.

      > On a somewhat related note, I found that ACE inhibitors may
      > be used sometimes to slow the progression of renal disease!
      > (But don't seem to be used as much in Cokie's particular brand of
      > cardiomyopathy (hypertrophic)) I don't really understand it right
      > now.

      I don't think that ACE inhibitors are used to slow the progression of CRF.
      As far as I know, they are believed to speed its progress, though some of
      them have shown much less tendency to do this (e.g., Enacard).

      Lynx is on Enacard, but he has DCM, not HCM. I always get confused about
      the differing treatmens for these diseases.

      > I guess the "heart enzymes" would be the thing to check, right?
      > (I feel okay now with the kidney stuff, but lost when it comes
      > to heart disease!)

      Has she had an ultrasound? Does she see a vet cardiologist?

      > Oh--lest I leave anything out: She had an echocardiogram.

      Duh. I guess I coulda read ahead.

      > It said her "aortic insufficiency" was mild to moderate, and
      > may be from the heart failure or "incidental". They didn't see
      > any mitral regurgitation.

      I presume her heart wall(s) were also thickened?

      > She also had an "accidental" abdominal ultrasound. (2 ferrets
      > were in there for ultrasound and they were momentarily mixed up!)
      > This showed no "ascites". What exactly is this, and how is it
      > different that "fluid in the abdomen"?!

      I hadn't heard this word before, but I looked it up quickly & it sounds like
      the same thing. When was this ultrasound done?

      > I'm sure I'll feel more informed after speaking to my specialist
      > vet later this week.

      Please let us know what he says.

      > Thank you so much! I guess everyone knows how awful it is to not
      > understand
      > what's going on when your furry ones are sick! And how great it
      > is to have
      > others to help!! THANKS!!


      > Celia

      & Tabby (RB), Licorice, Tigger, Lynx
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