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Qs about pet insurance and decision on vet(long pls HELP)

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  • earina613@aol.com
    Hi everyone, I have a 5 yr old kitty, her name is Boo Boo ~4.5 lbs. She was diagnosed with kidney disease(CRF-Central Renal Failure) and severe heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2000
      Hi everyone,

      I have a 5 yr old kitty, her name is Boo Boo ~4.5 lbs. She was diagnosed
      with kidney disease(CRF-Central Renal Failure) and severe heart condition
      (HCM-Hypetrophic Cardiomyopathy). I've been taking her to the Animal Medical
      Center in NY, but the bills were just to high for me to keep taking her there.
      Since they don't have payment options there, nor do they accept third party
      billing I found two local veterinary practices that do. Unfortunately I
      can't make up my mind who would be a better doctor for my Boo Boo who has a
      severe heart condition and kidney disease. I would greatly appreciate if you
      guys can help me pick one, I will include some of their services below. Many
      of the doctors I called didn't have EKG machine and in my case since Boo Boo
      has a severe heart condition i think it is important to find a place that has
      EKG. what do you think? Is there a phone number I can call to find out if
      these doctors are good or recommended?
      I am wondering how the corona hospital can afford all that up-to date medical
      equipment, keeping in mind that there is only one vet. I spoke to the
      women, she was nice to me and said she would help in anyway that she can.
      Anyway, I like both these places not sure which to go with it. The North
      shore place doesn't make house calls and doesn't have in labs....Anyway,
      please help me, let me know which you would go with for your pet.
      North Shore Animal Hospital
      21214 northern Blv /bayside NY
      4 vets mon-thur 10-8pm, fri 10-6, sat 9-5, sun 11-12 & 2-4pm,
      Has EKG
      Oxygen tanks
      One doc is open to holistic
      no house calls
      no in labs

      Corona Heights Animal Health
      10601 Corona Ave Flushing NY
      one doctor(female) mon-sun 4-9pm
      has EKG machine
      oxygen tank
      open to house calls
      in labs
      practices only conventional

      Also, ever since my kitty got diagnosed with CRf and HCM, I 've been worried
      about my other two pets. My 2 yr old ca and 3 yr old dog. I am thinking
      about getting health insurance for them (petinsurance.com). I know cats
      don't need yearly vaccines from reading a lot, but do dogs?
      This pet insurance company has a vaccination and routine care coverage annual
      benifits allowance that gives annual benefit allowance for yearly
      vaccinations, yearly fecal test, deworming, heartworm test, heart medicine,
      Since the yearly vaccines are required by law, should I enroll him in the
      are there benefits to that?
      does anybody use pet insurance?
      Please help me decide if I should enroll my pets or not.

      Thank You so much!

      -Irina and Boo Boo
      URL to My Boo Boo's site !
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