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  • soupbone7420
    Bob is 9yrs old with moderate HCM. He takes 30 mg of COQ10 each day, Standard Process s Feline Cardiac Support supplements twice a day & 3/4 tsp of Feline The
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 3, 2002
      Bob is 9yrs old with moderate HCM. He takes 30 mg of COQ10 each
      day, Standard Process's Feline Cardiac Support supplements twice a
      day & 3/4 tsp of Feline The Missing Link in addition to his heart
      meds. Before going to vet, I give him 1 dropper full of Pet Nutri-
      drops for stress. Bob was diagnosed with HCM at the beginning of
      July this year. You sound like an excellent kitty caregiver & your
      kitty's condition may have been much worse without your already fine
      efforts for proper nutrition. Bob's CoQ10 is a softget which I coat
      with saltfree butter before shoving down his throat. I put all of
      Bob's many meds into gel caps & coat the gel cap with butter before
      giving to him. Bob appears very normal - active & happy. L-
      Carnitine is one of the ingredients of Bob's Feline Cardiac Support
      Supplements - he gets 50mg daily. Please feel free to ask any
      questions of this wonderful, supportive group. You may want to
      check out some of the links posted on this site, especially the
      drugdigest interaction. Ashley may be scratching because of
      allergies or supplement interactions. I am certainly not close to
      an expert, but 500mg of taurine seems a lot, since all food
      formulated for felines also contains taurine. I don't know if your
      kitty can overdose on taurine, but it is another point to check.
      Good luck to you & Ashley.

      Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      Myra & Bob

      feline-heart@y..., "dlrichter_2" <dlrichter@i...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > We've recently uncovered a heart problem with one of our cats,
      > Ashley. Ashley's an 8 year old Himalayan/Siamese mix. Here's a bit
      > the history of how this was uncovered. Ashley had been scratching
      > lot and so we took her to the vet. The vet mentioned that she
      > a dental and began all of the prep work for that. She also noticed
      > off and on heart murmur. Ashley's blood work came back saying that
      > she had tested positive for exposure to heartworms, but negative
      > adult heartworms. I've read a lot about the limitations of these
      > tests. We don't know if she actually has heartworms, but she is on
      > Heartguard now. We had an echocardiogram done on her with the
      > imaging, etc. The cardiologist did not see any evidence of
      > (he claims he can spot them 80% of the time), but did see a
      > thickening of the left ventrical and also a enlargement of the
      > right where it comes into the heart. The valve wasn't closing
      > completely due to the enlargement of the aorta causing the murmur.
      > The thickening of the left ventrical wasn't enough for the
      > cardiologist to call it HCM yet, but knowing that this is a
      > progressive disease that day may come. Ashley's scheduled for
      > echocardiogram sometime early next year.
      > So that's where we're at. Being a proactive person I'd like to
      > provide Ahsley with as much suport as possible to stop or at least
      > slow down her oncoming problems. I'm already giving her
      > 10 mg of CoQ10/day. I use Q-Gel brand. I'm also adding about
      > 500mg/day of taurine to her food. The cats eat Innova, California
      > Natural, Felidae, Wysong and Wellness so they should be getting
      > nutritional support. I also add NuCat vitamins to their food, but
      > recently stopped thinking Ashley's scratching might be a food
      > allergy. What sort of other supplements are people here giving?
      > just now starting to research this, but I think I recall something
      > about L-Carnitine being useful? Also I've been sawing into the
      > softgels and squeezing the contents into her food. I've also heard
      > mention of a liquid CoQ10. Every CoQ10 softgel I've seen is way to
      > big to shove down Ashley. How are people getting coQ10 into their
      > cats? Sorry to be long winded, but it's a long story and I have a
      > of answers to find.
      > Doug
    • dlrichter_2
      Thanks for the responses. Ashley s fairly small and quite skittish. I m not sure I want to stress her out too much by chasing her down and stuffing a gelcap
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 3, 2002
        Thanks for the responses. Ashley's fairly small and quite skittish.
        I'm not sure I want to stress her out too much by chasing her down
        and stuffing a gelcap down her throat. The vet thought her scratching
        might have been due to her teeth problems or from a little bit of cat
        acne she had. The vet shaved her neck and chin. Boy did she look
        stupid and I think she was pretty embaressed by it. She also got a
        course of Clavamox and a triple antibiotic+steroid ointment for her
        neck. I wasn't convinced a dental problem could cause so much
        scratching and thought it might be a food allergy. I stuck her on a
        pretty restricted diet. Whatever it was it's gone now and I've
        started adding additional things in one at a time to see if there's a

        The taurine 250mg twice daily I got from reading Donald Strombeck's
        book on home prepared diets. He mentioned cats with cardiomyopathy
        sometimes get between 250mg and 500mg of taurine twice daily. I'll
        have to look into the Cardiac Support Supplements. I've also heard
        good things about Missing Link, but haven't really looked into that

        Zellene. It looks like you're now on three of the same kitty problem
        lists that I'm on. Any other cat diseases I should be worried
        about? :-)

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