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CRF-cypro and bp warning

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  • Anyes Moscrip
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
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      <<<<What are the sine effects of cyproheptadine( appetite stimulant}?
      Tar seems to be very hyper after I give him
      this stimulant. Also, his BP was 209 at the vets today. The vet is
      putting him on norvasc. I wonder if the stimulant caused the higher
      blood pressure.

      Cyproheptadine can make a kitty hyper. Most vets seem to prescribe
      higher doses than needed.

      A word of warning to all who use Cyproheptadine and calcium channel
      blockers for bp

      Cyproheptadine should not be used with Calcium Channel Blockers as the
      combo can cause a life threatening reaction. This is referenced in Don
      Plumb's book on medicines. Unfortunately, most vets have little
      experience in treating cats with both kidney failure and heart
      problems. We found out too late about this from our IM specialist who
      also works at the 24hr ER here. She had seen patients with this
      reaction before us. Even though this may be a minority, it is no
      consolation when your kitty becomes part of that minority. She had
      had the combo several times previously with no adverse effect till the
      last time she got it. This started our downslide. Our kitty never
      recovered and died 2 weeks later

      Here is Lucie's IM specialist email on this. She is on the VIN board.

      "In regards to the calcium channel blockers and cyproheptadine, my
      reference is "Veterinary Drug Handbook" written by Donald Plumb. The
      interaction portion states that cyproheptadine can potentiate the action
      of the calcium channel blocker, leading to decreased heart rate and low
      pressure. I can copy this for you on Monday and send it to you. I
      became aware of this interaction when one of my own patients experienced
      it. It was scary,
      but it highlighted that fact for me. I suspect that most veterinarians
      are unaware of this. I hope this info helps."


      Cindy Stubbs, DVM, MS
      Diplomate, ACVIM

      The following sites have good information on bp as well.

      http://www.newmanveterinary.com/hyperten.html#Treatment of Systemic
      Hupertension: Principles

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