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non Crf: need to find a loving home for my dog and cat

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  • earina613@aol.com
    Hi everyone, I am writing about my 3 year old male dog (Mudd-akita, golden, lab..etc; golden color, ~78lbs) and my male 2 year old cat, (white with grayish
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2000
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      Hi everyone,
      I am writing about my 3 year old male dog (Mudd-akita, golden, lab..etc;
      golden color, ~78lbs) and my male 2 year old cat, (white with grayish spots;
      weigths about 10.4-12.4 lbs). Ever since my 5 year old kitty got diagnosed
      with CRf and severe HCm my life' is just very difficult emotionally and
      financially. I haven't been paying enough attention to them. Unfortunately,
      I am so involved with curing Boo Boo and helping her that after I am done
      with her everyday I feel too tired and I feel that I am neglecting my
      beautiful dog and cat. I start school tomorrow and with my rough schedule(
      full time school and work) I don't know who will walk my dog, it will be very
      tuff. I have no one I can rely on. I am having family problems as well, no
      one want to help with anything, and I might have to move out of my home and I
      can't afford to take all three of my pets. My male dog and male cat deserve
      better and although I am hurting as I am writing this at the same time I want
      only the best for them. I am looking for a good home for them. My dog is a
      little stubborn even thought he went through training with two trainers. He
      is a bit aggressive too, I guess that is the akita part in him. He is really
      aggressive towards other dogs with me, but with my trainer he was really
      good, I guess I wasn't very forceful or demanding of him. All my pets are
      wonderful and beautiful in my eyes and I want them to live good life. My
      pets are indoor and my dog is walked three times a day. My male kitty
      currently is on medication b/c he has a rash, but it is temporary and I am
      willing to treat him until he is all well. And my dog is on medication for
      diarrhea problem, but it is going away. Anyway, I'd like to give them away
      to a nice home where they will get enough attention and love. I'd prefer to
      give them to one household. I will only give them away to nice people, will
      need references and need to know their future living conditions. I will not
      ship. (driving distance only 1-3 distance only) I have picture of them if
      you'd like to see. Please email me if interested or if you know a nice
      family. I will only give them away to good owners who will treat them like
      their own children, the way I've been treating them.

      thank you
      URL to My Boo Boo's site !
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