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Re: [feline-heart] CRF/CLOT: More vet mistakes...

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  • Laura Penny
    Teresa, We ve been through the clot problems. Our cat, Annie, had the excruciating pain and limping, but after each bout she was fine by the time she got to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2000
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      We've been through the clot problems. Our cat, Annie, had the excruciating
      pain and limping, but after each bout she was fine by the time she got to
      the vet. They were never really sure what it was except that her CPK level
      got higher and higher--eventually up to 10,000+, which is way, way off the
      charts. She was put on coumadin and diltiazem. The coumadin, a blood
      thinner, was very, very scary for me because of the risk of bleeding.

      So you might want to get Gum's CPK tested. It does seem to be a useful test.
      I've requested it a few times on Lucky and Kassy when I thought they had a
      problem, since they also have heart issues.

      I hope Gum feels better.


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      Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2000 10:00 PM
      Subject: [feline-heart] CRF/CLOT: More vet mistakes...

      >one of my fiv boys, gumby, has done well in the year+ since fiv
      >diagnosis, on some steroids and antibiotics... very well, in fact. he
      >was a true feral who is my baby boy now, (but still cant be pilled,
      >but loves mom's lap, to give you an idea of his personality).
      >i had to go away this weekend on personal business, did not intend to
      >stay over (too many nursing chores here!) but had to stop over, was
      >doing head-bobs while driving at 1 a.m.... when i finally returned at
      >10 a.m. next morning, i did notice gum didnt feel good. it was just
      >the expression on his face. spent the rest of the day trying to figure
      >out what was bothering him, not getting anywhere, he didnt want to
      >eat, either, THAT gets to me! EVERYBODY MUST EAT!
      >come evening he finally started stirring around and he seemed to be
      >having pretty severe pain in his hind leg, not putting any weight on
      >it, holding it sort of curled up, SO PATHETIC!. i could not feel
      >anything nor did it seem tender. i feared a tumor somewhere further
      >up, maybe... i gave him one of mikey's pain pills, in food, managing
      >to get that down with mackerel juice, plus a double dose of
      >dexamethasone... he obviously felt better in an hour and ate more.
      >this morning i took him to my vet's office, saw my "least favorite"
      >vet and came away with a probable diagnosis of a clot (or possibly a
      >tumor) but he is treating the clot diagnosis. i am going to try to get
      >another cornell consult tomorrow (not open today) on this issue
      >because NATURALLY it has to be something i know nothing about...
      >this vet HIGHLY, STRONGLY recommended putting gum to sleep right then
      >and there "since he was knocked out anyway" which they have to do, to
      >examine him, he gets so hyper. he said he had "cold leg". indeed i
      >could feel the coolness compared to the other leg... he further said
      >no matter what you do, 90% of these cats (with clots, he was referring
      >to) (or it might even have been 99%) will "go into excruciating pain
      >and do nothing but cry, and there is NOTHING that can be done for that
      >kind of pain" and he wouldnt even put a cat thru it at all. he has
      >urged me to put several other cats to sleep immediately, he has even
      >said one organization cat should not have money spent on it, it had
      >health issues and that money should be spent elsewhere, etc.
      >at any rate, i tried to ask him how to be SURE of a diagnosis, since
      >we are talking the final solution. would xrays help? no. there IS no
      >way to be sure, but there are only those 2 things that would cause
      >cold leg, something is cutting off the circulation and neither of them
      >are good (and never mind mikey with his inoperable tumor who has lived
      >two happy, healthy years after being given a 2-4 month prognosis and
      >if this is a tumor instead of a clot, maybe he could be treated the
      >same way).
      >anyway, i decided we would try the available treatment, haldol to thin
      >the blood and acepromazine to dilate the blood vessels, plus
      >torbugesic shots for pain (because pill form doesnt work AT ALL in
      >spite of my telling him what a HUGE difference they make for mikey -
      >THEY DONT WORK AT ALL, he says). he told me to give one thing every 6
      >to 8 hrs, something every 12 hrs, and something else sometime.... at
      >the counter paying, i wanted to verify. asked the vet tech to ask him
      >when i should start these meds. i knew he had given some haldol and it
      >was written on the chart. i didnt know if he had given ace or valium
      >to knock gum out and since ace is a pain killer, needed to know when
      >to give the torb. didnt want to overdose gum on ANYTHING, especially
      >since we had just discussed that too much haldol will cause internal
      >bleeding to death (this is the same thing as rat poison which i would
      >not wish on a rat or any other living creature). tech came back and
      >said "you can give them all anytime". laboring the point, i said
      >(again) i knew he gave a couple shots and wasnt sure what all they
      >were, so i would not want to go home THEN and give them again, would
      >i? and if he could check again....
      >he came back and said "sure, it's fine, you can give them when you go
      >home". i am having visions of gum dying a grotesque death AT MY HANDS
      >after i OD him on haldol and how on earth i WOULD LIVE WITH THAT....
      >and ask the tech to go back A THIRD TIME and ask exactly what he DID
      >JUST GIVE GUM, then i figured i'd go look it up in the merck or
      >somewhere, for myself. how else was i going to find out how to be safe
      >with these drugs?
      >that time, he returned to say "oh, you are right, i did give haldol
      >and she needs to wait 6 hours before giving any more".
      >i spent the rest of the day SHUDDERING to think i almost came home and
      >gave him haldol and went merrily off to work while he laid here on the
      >living room floor on his velour blanket, slowly bleeding internally to
      >FIRST ANSWER,OR EVEN THE SECOND ANSWER.... i am still upset.
      >gum was in a very good mood when i came home from work, and he ate
      >very well and he DOES love me doting on him and babying him, always
      >has. he does not seem too wretched or in severe pain. he COULD be
      >having some discomfort with that leg. but overall it is obvious he
      >feels better than he did last night. gave him the haldol and
      >torbutrol, going to give some ringer's and ace pretty soon, then more
      >food. moved a litter box close to his bed, and food/water dishes
      >closer. he seems happy. laid by the louvered, floor-level vents
      >looking out at the shrubs as it rained, sniffing the fresh cool summer
      >air, purring and looking happy at mom's company and moral support...
      >i don't know if the vet is right or wrong. i dont know what my
      >gummerboy will feel like tomorrow night. but we really dont know, do
      >we, how ANY of us will feel tomorrow night? we could be JUST FINE
      >tonight, and have terminal cancer by tomorrow night... we just dont
      >know. if some of us are less than perfect, should we all just shoot
      >ourselves without even getting a diagnosis? is it a waste of
      >resources for anyone to try to help us? DONT WE EVEN DESERVE TO TAKE
      >UP SPACE ON THE PLANET with the perfect ones? ARE WE JUST GARBAGE, to
      >be thrown out at the first possible minute it is discovered that we
      >have a flaw?
      >as a very loving person on this list once said, there was only one
      >perfect one who ever walked this earth. the rest of us are various
      >degrees of imperfect. we are not required to be perfect. but we are
      >required to be loving and generous in sharing the gifts of life on
      >god's green earth with those less perfect than our "today" selves. and
      >i dont take that to mean refusing to lift one finger to help them out.
      >to me, easing them out of an impossible intolerable situation should
      >be the last resort, NOT THE FIRST.
      >some people think i hate vets. i do not hate vets. but i do get very
      >depressed to see this "eagerness to kill" in a profession sworn to
      >help the sick. i do get cynical when i see it again and again AND
      >AGAIN. i understand it is just the imperfection of MAN that i am
      >as i wrote that, i hear a sort of "scratch, scratch" in the hallway
      >and who sort of scuttled by me slowly, sort of dragging his one hind
      >leg but not looking bothered by it, and who, when i slapped my lap
      >lightly, did an about face, and chirped happily at me (yes, lap
      >please!) EXACTLY like the gum WHO HAD NO GIMPY LEG.... my gummerboy.
      >and he is warmly curled in my lap, purring as i write this. we are two
      >happy people. i dont know what tomorrow will bring, NONE OF US DOES,
      >but for tonight, life is good.
      >Teresa Strano - Please see my 4 "Twice Abandoned" kitties at
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