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Re: Preparation for Lucky's dental work

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  • Hilary
    Well, I don t really have any good advice and I don t want to scare you out of doing anything, but here is my kitty s experience regarding anesthesia. We
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2000
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      Well, I don't really have any good advice and I don't want to scare
      you out of doing anything, but here is my kitty's experience
      anesthesia. We thought he was completely healthy (this is before he
      was diagnosed w/ heart disease) and took him in for routine dental
      work in Jan. After he woke up, he had labored breathing and went into
      congestive heart failure (we then discovered through an echo that he
      has an enlarged heart w/ mitral valve insufficiency) and he had to
      spend 2 days in the emergency clinic in an oxygen chamber.

      Since your vet knows your cat has heart disease, I would imagine that
      he feels anesthesia is ok for your cat or that the dental work is
      imperative?? It's always a balance between the risks and benefits.
      However, I'll always be more wary of anesthesia after my experience.
      The vet told us that our cat already had mitral valve insufficiency
      (no one knows how long for), but that his heart had been compensating
      up until the anesthesia, so he appeared to be healthy. However, the
      anesthesia snapped the compensation mechanisms and he has rapidly
      downhill from there (heart can no longer compensate at the
      pre-anesthesia levels). If we hadn't given him anesthesia, his heart
      could have continued to compensate for years...

      Perhaps you already know of these risks, but I just thought I should
      post and let you know what happened w/ my cat.
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