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Non HCM Please help!

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  • earina613@aol.com
    My 3 year old male dog, Sky weights about 78lbs. He is a Mudd-Akita, golden, ...etc. He gets walked three times a day and I feed him dry food -Petguard (I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2000
      My 3 year old male dog, Sky weights about 78lbs.
      He is a Mudd-Akita, golden, ...etc.
      He gets walked three times a day and I feed him dry food -Petguard (I leave
      it for him through out the day).
      A few days ago he had bad diarrhea on my carpet. It was watery and slimy and
      smelled really bad. He vomited also something very foamy. Next morning, he
      had diarrhea again and this time some of it was slimy at first, then it
      became more liquidy and then blood came out. I took him to the vet and he
      gave him an Injection called Antispasmodic, does anyone know of this???? Are
      there side effects to it???
      He also prescribed to him Metronidazole 500 mg (2 pills by mouth twice a day
      -- a total of 28 pills). His stool was tested against warms and came out
      negative. My doc also prescribed ID Diet K9 12 cans of food. I have a follow
      up with my dog tomorrow. My dogs stool is still very soft, hard to pick up.
      Does anyone have any experience with this??
      What should I do???
      Please any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
      Now about my 2 yr. old Snow, male cat (12.4 lbs) currently eating a mix of
      petguard dry food and deli-cat dry food. He recently started itching the
      middle of his back, about two days ago. He kept trying to lick it
      continuously and a day later or so, he got a bold spot on his back and it
      became red and swollen, has some marks. It is just very painful to look at.
      I took a few picture, but the flash makes it hard to see the details or any
      color if anyone wants to see anyway please email me privately and I will
      email you the pictures. I took him to the vet today and he gave him Inject.
      Methyl Pred. He told me to give Snow Chlorpheniramine 4 mg, 1/2 tab twice a
      day to control the itching and if it got worse to give him 1 tab twice a day.
      Also, he gave me Conofite Lotion 30 ml to apply to his wound, 5-10 drops
      daily). I have a Buster Collar on his head to prevent him from trying to
      lick the lotion off his wound since it can be toxic in large amts. My vet
      also took some hairs and pealed skin from the wound to send the lab for
      testing (In Tray DM Dermatophyte Test). He said he doesn't know what the
      cause is yet, and since this may be contagious to other pets and humans he
      said for me to keep him in one room and confide him to a smaller area for two
      weeks until the results come back. He said it might be a ring warm or some
      other worm, but not sure yet. Just to let you know he doesn't have any
      fleas. Please if anyone has experience with this, please help me!!!
      Please help me!

      Thank You!

      -Irina and Boo Boo(CRF and HCM since april 2000).
      non CRF and non-HCM Sky(dog) and Snow(cat)

      URL to My Boo Boo's site !
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