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Harpsie needs prayers )-:

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  • Helen
    I have been meaning to post about Harpsie for a while now, but Thomas (CRF) died 10 days ago and I ve been a bit of a wreck. However, it is now time for me to
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      I have been meaning to post about Harpsie for a while now, but Thomas (CRF)
      died 10 days ago and I've been a bit of a wreck. However, it is now time for
      me to try and focus on Harpsie - he's giving me no choice.

      To recap, Harpsie was diagnosed with HCM a year ago. He had his check-up
      three weeks ago, and his heart is now showing clear signs of DCM, not HCM,
      and pretty bad to boot )-: Yet he had no congestion then.

      Harpsie has not really been doing too badly. He has been playing chase with
      his sister, no laboured breathing, eating quite well, acting very normally.
      Last week he began to howl a lot but we thought it might be to do with
      Thomas dying )-:

      Over the weekend Harpsie seemed to me to be breathing a little harder (he is
      Persian so he does breathe heavily anyway). I also noticed that he seems to
      have lost a little weight, not on his tummy (still nice and solid) but he
      has a bit of a bony spine. He is also drinking a lot. But he is still
      whizzing around the house and generally being the boss.

      I had to go to the vet today anyway to get new medication (we ran out last
      night and have to switch from enalapril, which is being discontinued) so I
      took Harpsie for a check up. My husband said I was overreacting, that
      Harpsie is fine and I was fussing after losing Thomas, but I just felt I'd
      be happier after a check up.

      The vet was quite shocked by Harpsie )-: He is dehydrated and she is going
      to put him on a drip; but first she wants to x-ray his heart. She is pretty
      sure he has congestion now )-: She also thinks maybe something else is going
      on, possibly CRF, so she is going to run a few other tests. She said he will
      probably need Lasix. How does it work, giving sub-Qs and Lasix to the same

      My vet diagnosed the DCM - she is trained in feline ultrasound (the practice
      has its own machine). I asked her for a referral to Cambridge Vet School,
      and she didn't mind me asking at all but said she would actually recommend a
      feline cardiologist elsewhere, but this guy is a 5 hour round trip away, and
      Harpsie has never spent longer than 20 mins in the car before now. She is
      happy to do a referral if I wish, but she said she believes her diagnosis is
      correct so she doesn't really think it would achieve anything, other than
      stress Harpsie (he is terrible at the vet's). She asked why I wanted a
      referral, what did I hope to achieve from it, and I said "a magic wand". I
      do not doubt her diagnosis, and I am satisfied with his medication
      (enalapril and digitalis, The Pill Book seems to think these are good for
      DCM) so I'm not sure a visit to the cardiologist is worth it either.
      Realistically, is there any chance he could do anything for Harpsie that
      would offset the stress to him? I thought about a compromise of having my
      vet send the cardiologist the stills from the ultrasound and do a phone

      would welcome any input, have lost three cats in the last 19 months, really
      can't bear to lose Harpsie too.


      "And I'm going out of my mind
      With a pain that stops and starts,
      Like a corkscrew to my heart,
      Ever since we've been apart."

      Bob Dylan

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