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Re: [FH] Angel Missy 1990 - 8/31/02

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  • Lisa/kat
    Bill and Linda, My heart goes out to you both. Please accept my sincere condolences on Missy s death. You did everything you could for her, and she knows
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2002
      Bill and Linda,
      My heart goes out to you both. Please accept my sincere condolences on
      Missy's death. You did everything you could for her, and she knows that;
      she loved you unconditionally and knew, through your actions, that you loved
      her deeply. She'll be waiting at the Bridge for you; as you grieve, try to
      remember the happy times you had with her, and hold on to the knowledge that
      she is no longer suffering, but is happy and healthy once again, in spirit
      if not in body. I grieve with you.



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      Date: Saturday, August 31, 2002 17:08:32
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      Subject: [FH] Angel Missy 1990 - 8/31/02

      Our darling Missy went to the bridge around noon.

      She started breathing hard last night, but after an hour was much better.
      The ER in our nearest town is terrible; the nearest decent ER is 2 hours
      away. This morning she seemed better, but we took her to our vet. They
      saw that her breathing was somewhat labored, so wanted to take X-rays.
      During the first X-ray, Missy turned blue, and they put her on oxygen.
      The X-ray showed extensive fluid buildup (they couldn't even see her heart),
      and they don't have the expertise to drain it; I know they did the best they
      could. When the oxygen was removed for just a moment (to improve her
      position) she stopped breathing again. Even with the oxygen mask her heart
      rate was bouncing all over, and oxygen in her blood was low. She cried
      softly whenever I petted her, but I could tell she was suffering.

      At that point we could have driven her an hour to a specialist, but she
      probably wouldn't have made it, and would have died on the way. We made
      that painful decision to let her go.

      The vet (a new young lady) and the whole staff were wonderful and they were
      all crying with me.

      Missy's IBD was well controlled, and she had no diagnosed heart problem.


      Bill & Linda Fischbach (@home)
      King George, Virginia

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