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Re: frustration with food

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  • stxchck
    I don t know if you ve already tried this but its along the same lines. I ve had good experience when a pet is having eating issues by adding water or broth to
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2002
      I don't know if you've already tried this but its along the same
      lines. I've had good experience when a pet is having eating issues by
      adding water or broth to their dry food and mircowaving it about 20
      seconds. They seem more likely to eat it because its soft and warm.
      My female dog refused to eat after being fixed and that was the only
      way I could get her to eat, and I had done as you and tried every
      other soft food I could think of but this worked great. I've also
      used it with my male cat when he's had stomach problems. After about
      3-4 days you can slowly ease him back to just the dry food.
      --- In feline-heart@y..., "soupbone7420" <mdetate@a...> wrote:
      > Bob has had problems with eating as well. He grew up eating Iams
      > Lamb & Rice dry food & hated everything else. He acted like we
      > trying to poison him if we offered him human food. lol. However,
      > would beg for boiled shrimp. But when I first got him home from
      > ICU, he wouldn't eat anything. I liquified boiled shrimp in the
      > blender & added bottled water to make a liquid concoction & he
      > lap it up. No chewing involved. Also, Bob seemed to have trouble
      > lowering his head to eat or drink. I either held the dish up to
      > mouth or put it up on books so he would not have to drop his head
      > down to eat or drink. Now I do the same thing with Tuna & any
      > pure fish, just a couple of teaspoons of fish to 2 cups of water &
      > liquify in blender. I pour a small amount into a dish & that's
      > he gets after each pill. When he was really having problems
      > I liquified even the KD & added Nutri-cal for additional calories.
      > I also got Pet Nutri-drops & called their help line several times.
      > The Pet Nutri-drops helped increase his appetite & at least he
      > lap up my high calorie liquified stuff. I would offer it every 2
      > 3 hours until he got back to eating normally again. He has gained
      > back 2 of the 3 pounds he lost while in ICU. Maybe Maslow will
      > respond to liquified food, also putting it up higher so he won't
      > have to drop his head. You might also look into the feline
      > feeding group, it was a huge help for me & Bob. I assisted fed Bob
      > for several days when I first brought him home from ICU. Hope this
      > offers some suggestions for you to try. Good luck.
      > Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      > Myra & Bob
      > --- In feline-heart@y..., "verbsorb" <asorber@a...> wrote:
      > > I could really use some suggestions. Took Maslow to the vet today
      > for
      > > a check-up (it's been one month since he was diagnosed). The vet
      > said
      > > that his lungs sounded much better, but that his heart was still
      > > beating irregularly. Also, he has lost a pound (now down to 8
      > > which is very small for a ragdoll cat). So I now need to figure
      > out
      > > how to get him to eat.
      > >
      > > He's always been picky and I've tried just about everything --
      > tuna,
      > > baby food, all sorts of canned cat food. He turns his head away
      > from
      > > everything. He's been eating Iams lamb & rice and science diet
      > > (his sister's food). However, ever since he's been diagnosed his
      > > eating has decreased tremendously. He acts like he's hungry --
      > will
      > > meow and go the food bowl -- look at the food and then walk away.
      > > Tonight he's been terrible -- constant meowing. Sometimes he
      > to
      > > take a bite, but he just lets the food fall out. It's almost like
      > it
      > > hurts his mouth or something. I don't know -- I'm just so
      > frustrated
      > > and worried. The vet really stressed how he needs to eat -- so i
      > went
      > > and bought 3 different kinds of dry food from the grocery store --

      > to
      > > no avail.
      > >
      > > So any suggestions would be great -- have any of you had this
      > > experience? (especially with the wanting to eat, but maybe only
      > > taking one bite). Have any of you with finicky kitties found any
      > > successful food types to feed your cats? Thanks in advance for
      > > help you can give.
      > >
      > > Anne & Maslow the anorexic
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