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Re: [FH] Tuna alternatives

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  • sallymerlin
    Thanks Helen for the excellent point/reminder ! I worked closely with Muffin s vets and also read a lot on the subject to try my best to get it close. I ALWAYS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2002
      Thanks Helen for the excellent point/reminder !

      I worked closely with Muffin's vets and also read a lot on the
      subject to try my best to get it close. I ALWAYS checked everything
      first with his vet and we did regular blood tests and urine tests to
      keep on top of things...by regular I mean every 2-3 months. He also
      got a lot of suppliments...though calcium was always hard to add to
      his diet...it tended him towards constipation. Every cat is different
      but every cat needs the best supervision if you are going home-made.

      Since he was an older cat and with CRF as well, I made choices in
      favour of a higher quality of life but also knowing that it may be a
      shorter life. Since eating good food was always an important pleasure
      for him he seemed to like this choice as well...but my vets advised me
      closely. It was only the last 6 months when he had "end stage" CHF
      that he stopped eating commercial food all together so I didn't really
      have a choice...he wanted Mama's home cookin'!


      --- In feline-heart@y..., "Helen" <helenandcats@n...> wrote:
      > I'd like to ask you all to be really careful if you decide to
      > homecooked food. Cats have really complex nutritional needs, and
      getting the
      > balance right is very hard. Sally mentions supplements here, which
      > usually required if you are preparing food yourself. And some of the
      > warnings about tuna apply to any fish - you don't want to cause
      steatitis in
      > your cat, for example.
      > Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Karma, and Angels Tanya, George and Thomas
      > > I always had good luck with several different fish options. My
      > > Muffin would only eat homemade meals for the last 6 months and it
      > > giving him the meds much easier. He did have CRF as well but for
      > > reason his sodium levels did not go up for a long time. I used to
      > > him canned mackerel (which he loved) and sardines (watch for the
      > > onion) but the stand-by was salmon, which I usually cooked. It's
      > > really easy...just poach the salmon filet in water with a little
      > > in it for about 10 minutes...cool, peel the skin off and tuck it
      > > a tupperware container. It keeps for a week and you can mix it
      > > baby food for different taste options. Canned pumpkin or cooked
      > > potatoes work great. When it came time to serve, I'd squash the
      > > and suppliments to a fine powder in the bowl, turn in about 1
      > > of salmon and mix it up well, add baby food and enough warm water
      > > make it a nice mush...they love it!
      > >
      > > The canned salmon, mackerel and sardines have bones in as well
      > > which is a very good source of calcium, but be sure to squash it
      > > well. The bones are cooked so they are soft, but it's better to be
      > > safe with a good mixing.
      > >
      > > Raw lamb is also wonderful if you have access to good quality
      > > meats. It's very easy to digest and for some reason is
      > > good for CRF....
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