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Re: [FH] frustration with food

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  • verbsorb
    Thanks so much for your post Heather. It s so reassuring to hear that others are going through the same thing. Tonight I was crying out of frustration -- and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2002
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      Thanks so much for your post Heather. It's so reassuring to hear that
      others are going through the same thing. Tonight I was crying out of
      frustration -- and the nausea bit makes sense b/c it's like he wants
      to eat, but probably doesn't feel the best. I know for my CRF cat
      Pepcid is recommended for nausea. Do any of you use it for your CHF
      cat? I wonder if that would help his appetite, or if it just make
      things worse.

      So far out of the three "bad" foods I bought at the store tonight,
      he'll only give semi-attention to one. I guess I'll keep trying
      different ones. I do think that eating anything is better than not
      eating at all.

      I'm glad that Tyson is eating again. Hopefully Maslow will begin to
      return to his old self soon, too. Thanks again.

      Anne & Maslow

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      > In a message dated 8/29/2002 7:44:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > asorber@a... writes:
      > > So any suggestions would be great -- have any of you had this
      > > experience? (especially with the wanting to eat, but maybe only
      > > taking one bite). Have any of you with finicky kitties found any
      > > successful food types to feed your cats? Thanks in advance for
      > > help you can give.
      > >
      > >
      > For a few weeks my Tyson would do the same thing and it was
      > related. Some medications effect their appetite. It seemed as
      Tyson was
      > hungry but maybe due to some nauseau hesitant to eat and would also
      sit by
      > the the food bowl. I went to the supermarket and jsut bought a
      huge variety
      > of the "bad" food. The vet agreed it was more important to get him
      to eat
      > something since he had lost a pound in nearly 2 weeks. Slowly he
      began to
      > eat and now he is eating a lot and gaining back some weight.
      Unfortunately he
      > won't touch the good and nutritional food but with the
      rollercoaster I have
      > been on and the cancer scare/possiblity this past week I just want
      him to be
      > happy and full. So I don't mind him eating the stuff thats not so
      > nutritional cause he is happy. Will this cause him to live a
      shorter life?
      > Maybe or maybe not. But its working right now. He is happy,
      > playful...very content so I might try to mix in some of the good
      and bad but
      > if it doesn't work I just want him to feel good and he does. ITs
      scary when
      > they stop eating. I would cry and cry just from the frustration and
      fear of
      > him losing more weight. I also was told by a friend on this list
      to warm the
      > food and put a little bit of butter on it. I would put little
      pieces of
      > butter mixed in and that would attract him a bit. Good luck.
      > /\_/\
      > (>'o'<)
      > _(,,)(,,)___)________
      > Heather "Rose"
      > "Tomorrow is a fresh day, with no mistakes in it."
      > - Anne of Green Gables
      > Forever Kindred Spirits
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