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Re: dream kitties/memorial site

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  • Melody N Woods
    Memorial site reminder From: Melody N Woods
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2000
      Memorial site reminder

      From: Melody N Woods <newoods@...

      > We have our own special home for our sleeping CRF kitties.
      > It's a lovely sunlit rose meadow where our kitties play and dream
      > In our hearts we see them... , running and playing in the cool green
      > grass.and then once again sitting in our laps and purring and purring ,
      > knowing we love each other.
      > May you know that your beloved one will always be there for you in the
      > Candle Light Rose Ceremony and at the Rose Meadow
      > You may add your kitty to our CRF memorial rose meadow remembrance list
      > and you can visi them at any time.
      > At the tribune section , in a different part of the site, you may add your
      > kitty's picture and write a long history of your baby. You may also add
      > music and you will have your own url. in addition, you may add any member
      > of
      > your pet family no matter how long ago they left you .
      > Although we prefer that one kitty in the family be a crf kitty ,
      > exceptions
      > are permitted to this if you are
      > a member of CRF group and even a family pet may be added such as one from
      > your mom or dad . Welcomed pets include dogs or horses.
      > That is why we are called Crf Cats and Friends....The Candle Light Rose
      > Ceremony takes place every Sunday and
      > is in honor of our pets and offers a way to find peace and comfort and>
      > to
      > honor their memory.
      > candle at this time as well
      > InMemoryofPets also lists a number of pet grief groups
      > In Memory Of" Pets
      > \(Http://www.In-Memory-Of-Pets.Com) General site address
      > "Candle Light Rose Ceremony">
      > (Http://www.In-Memory-Of-Pets.Com/candlelighthome.htm.to find the crf list
      > keep strolling past the roses with page numbers and you will see crf Cats
      > and Friends..go there for the Memorial Meadow
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