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Re: struggle with Harriet

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  • soupbone7420
    Paula, I got Bob to lap up liquified, boiled shrimp with water to get him started. Sounds like the trick with the chicken soup, (adds electrolytes). Try
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2002
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      I got Bob to lap up liquified, boiled shrimp with water to get him
      started. Sounds like the trick with the chicken soup, (adds
      electrolytes). Try adding some Nutri-cal & vitamins into your mix.
      The Nutri-cal is a high calorie dietary supplement & you only have
      to add about a tsp & 1/2 twice a day. Off course, check with your
      vet as it is only available at the vet, but when I asked my vet
      about it when Bob was having so many problems eating, he said sure -
      it won't interact with any of his meds & the added calories
      certainly gave him more energy & vitality. I think on the assisted-
      feeding group, it was mentioned 32 calories per pound of body weight
      per day is what a kitty needs to maintain health. However, I'm not
      sure if he is getting that now & he has gained back nearly 1 pound
      of the 2 he lost the week he was so sick. I just try to get a sm
      can & 1/2 of Iams & Nutri-cal down him a day. He still needs to be
      coaxed. But it is much easier & once he gets started, he'll lick
      the plate clean. I hold the plate under his nose, he doesn't go
      looking for his food by himself yet. But he will run from where
      ever he is for snacks. Keep filling that poor boy's belly with
      Mama's comfort soup & you'll both be fine. Best wishes to Thomas.

      Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      Myra & Bob

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "paula_ps2002" <kevpaula@s...> wrote:
      > Lise
      > We force fed Thomas last night - small amounts scraped off against
      > his upper front teeth. He had to lick and swallow these, and we
      > really didn't manage to get much down. But this morning he ate a
      > small amount, and again this evening. I've just made up some soup
      > for him - cooked chicken and carrots (liquedised into a paste)
      > enough water to make it easy to lap up. He really seemed to like
      > and this evening he's had two portions (tip - slightly warm it
      > as this intensifies the smell). Anything's worth a try, and it's
      > better for him to eat unaided as the stress is far less.
      > Still living in hope that he gets a bit stronger.
      > Our best wishes to you both.
      > Paula and Thomas
      > --- In feline-heart@y..., Lise M MacGregor <liseham@j...> wrote:
      > > Harriet is hanging on but I am frightened what the next few days
      > > bring...she still refuses food and the little I can get down her
      > so
      > > small an amount, I wonder if it helps much.......she is so thin,
      > her hip
      > > bones poke out and she moves so slowly. She has been on the
      > going
      > > on 3 days now but she still seems SOO tired and weary. Her eyes
      > are all
      > > glassy she has no interest in anything...it is breaking my heart
      > > pieces! I DREAD giving her meds as she hates it so and struggles
      > even in
      > > her weakened state. I feel so terribly bad for making her
      > on
      > > top of this, but I know she has to have them.....she has been
      > drinking
      > > water but today she hasn't yet and that worries me also. We are
      > > giving up yet as now and then I see a mere glimpse of her in
      > > somewhere. She even perked up a tiny bit yesterday for a minute
      > which
      > > gave me hope but today she is not like that at all. We are so
      > to
      > > seeing her with rapid labored breathing ( even on the Lasix) but
      > now her
      > > breath is shallow and slow...don't know what that means
      > > maybe because she is weak. We will continue the feeding every
      > couple of
      > > hours and I will have to watch her fluid intake closely.....I am
      > > drained myself, this is taking such a toll on all of us....I
      > give
      > > literally ANYTHING to have her back as she was but given the
      > condition of
      > > her heart I think it may be wishful thinking....I am still
      > at
      > > this as just a crisis and that we will get through it....I can't
      > leave
      > > the house, don't want to....I want to be with her every minute I
      > > now....please keep your thoughts and prayers coming, they mean
      > very
      > > much to us and I know they help....Harriet is fighting and we are
      > > fighting along with her...you have all given me wonderful advice,
      > > suggestions and places to look for help, THANK YOU. I hope we
      > turn
      > > this around but if not I have to make peace with it...I have
      > to
      > > her at length and she knows how we feel and how much we love
      > her....she
      > > is such a special, unique little cat, I can't imagine life
      > > her....that's why I will try to help her to her very last
      > breath...thank
      > > you all again for your support.
      > > Lise
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