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RE: [feline-heart] Harpsie update )-:

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  • Helen Coughtrie
    Dear Helen, I am so sorry to read about Harpsie and your credit card (life sucks at times). I will send my strongest healing vibes to both Harpsie and Thomas
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      Dear Helen,

      I am so sorry to read about Harpsie and your credit card (life sucks at
      times). I will send my strongest healing vibes to both Harpsie and Thomas
      and keep everything crossed for you all.

      Have you tried Harpsie on kitten or senior cat food (Whiskas do a good one
      and it has added taurine - I am assuming here that you are in the UK). Also
      latterly Murphy would eat IAMS kitten food - it's actually called pate and
      comes in a little tin in a purple wrapper - pets shops have it. He would
      also eat raw mince but I'm not sure how good for them that actually is.

      Stay strong


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      Subject: [feline-heart] Harpsie update )-:

      Hi, everyone

      Harpsie was diagnosed with HCM a year ago and he went for his annual checkup
      ultrasound today. He has had very tender kidneys for the last few weeks so
      the vet not only ultrasounded his heart but also his kidney and stomach.

      The good news is, Harpsie's stomach and kidneys showed nothing abnormal
      (bloodwork is also normal). The bad news is, his heart has deteriorated
      significantly )-: What is really weird is, his heart is now dilated, not
      thickened, in other words he no longer has HCM, he has DCM. I told my vet I
      didn't know that was possible, and she said she didn't know it either until

      His heart is so bad that my vet cannot say how long he has. She thinks even
      with medication he might suddenly drop dead with a heart attack )-: We
      already use an ACE inhibitor (enalapril) and my vet is adding digitalis. But
      she did say she would expect in his condition to see congestive heart
      failure yet there are no signs of that whatsoever. It is quite a mystery.

      We are considering a trip to the cardiology dept of our local vet school.
      The problem is, Harpsie gets terribly, terribly stressed at the vet's which
      of course is really bad for his heart; but we feel we need to find out more
      about his situation. He is only eight!! Harpsie had a wash when we returned
      from the vet's but is now very mopey, I hope he feels better soon. The vet
      school is 30 miles away.

      One problem we have is getting Harpsie to eat. We currently have 14 (!)
      foods on the go, and he will eat one once, then not touch it for about 2
      weeks. Lately he has got even worse, and we are now reduced to cooking fish
      for him every night, which is not good for him longterm of course. Does
      anybody else have this problem with their cat without CRF but with heart

      Also, does anybody have any info on DCM? Most of the websites seem to refer
      to HCM.

      Please send healing vibes to Harpsie. His brother Thomas has end stage renal
      failure, I cannot bear the thought of losing both of them soon.

      Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Thomas

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