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Re: Harriet update

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  • soupbone7420
    Dear Lise, I know it seems hard to assist feed, but it is very necessary. It is very dangerous for Harriet to go without food even for 1 day. When I brought
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31 11:27 PM
      Dear Lise,
      I know it seems hard to assist feed, but it is very necessary. It
      is very dangerous for Harriet to go without food even for 1 day.
      When I brought Bob home from the ICU, he was not eating or
      drinking. I assisted feeding him & syringe fed him for several days
      before he got strong enough to start eating on his own. I held the
      water bowl up to his mouth because he seemed to be uncomfortable
      dropping his head down to drink. I wrapped Bob in a towel & placed
      him between my knees facing away from me. I opened his mouth &
      using a child tongue depressor placed some food back on his tongue.
      He did not gag or vomit, although he did fight me even in his
      weakened state. His vet recommended a teaspoon or so every 2 to 3
      hours. When you syringe feed or water, be sure not to squirt
      directly down the throat, as your kitty can aspirate the liquid &
      then pneumonia occurs. Aim the syringe toward the side of your
      kitty's mouth. I also got Pet Nutri-drops which is an excellent
      emergency supplement that is also an appetite enhancer. The vet
      prescribed Periactin which after we adjusted the dosage drastically,
      helped as well. I am still adding Nutri-cal to his food for
      additional calories as he lost nearly 2 lbs in the week he was in
      ICU on oxygen. They were assisted feeding him in ICU, but
      acknowledged that the oxygen could make him nauseous & so fed him
      small quantities every hour. Please check out the assisted feeding
      group. I read all of the postings & it helped enormously. Don't be
      discouraged about Harriet's appetite. Once she gets stronger, she
      will probably start eating again on her own. I know it seems very
      difficult, but it is certainly worthwhile. Some people have even
      had to resort to tube feeding their kitties. It has been less than
      a month since Bob came home from ICU & he is so back to normal that
      I would never have believed he was so near death. Don't give up,
      Harriet needs you. Good luck.

      Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      Myra & Bob
      --- In feline-heart@y..., Lise M MacGregor <liseham@j...> wrote:
      > First of all I want to sincerely thank every one of you for all
      > concern, support, and helpful advice concerning Harriet. We are
      taking it
      > hour by hour...she is still very weak today and not at all
      interested in
      > food, however we are assist feeding her since last night...we are
      > slow at first so as not to tax her too much since she has had
      > nothing to eat the last several days......we are giving only a
      > or so 3 times a day to start......she resists and struggles even
      in her
      > weakened state but it is something we have to do....she is on her
      > day of Tumil-k, and now the remedy Lauro so I hope and pray for
      > positive changes...I realize her little heart is probably giving
      out but
      > I will not rest until I have done everything possible....her
      breathing is
      > not rapid and labored any more, but rather slow and shallow
      probably due
      > to her present condition.....her little eyes still look so
      detached and
      > weary...I am trying to be ready for whatever happens but it is sooo
      > tough.....I talk to her gently as much as I can to assure her we
      love her
      > and are trying to help her ( I just wish she understood), but if
      > feels it is her time then I tell her that is ok,...I am hoping
      this is
      > just a crisis and our aggressive intervention( we are doing all we
      > will help it pass......but in the meantime please keep your
      thoughts and
      > prayers with us for Harriets recovery.....thank you again for all
      > concern and encouragement.
      > Hanging in there,
      > Lise
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