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Re: CRF plus CHF - help!

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  • mukki2@yahoo.com
    I m also having a hard time figuring out how much lasix is too much! My cat has CHF w/ mitral valve regurgitation (no HCM or CRF). He was originally put on
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 30, 2000
      I'm also having a hard time figuring out how much lasix is too much!
      My cat has CHF w/ mitral valve regurgitation (no HCM or CRF). He was
      originally put on 25mg lasix per day (12.5 twice a day), but was
      reduced to 12.5mg per day when his lungs were clear. When he's had
      bouts of severe labored breathing (won't move or eat), I've given him
      some extra, not per the advice of my vet, mind you. 1 pill used to do
      the trick. Right now, he's back up on 25mg per day, but STILL seems
      to have fluid in the lungs. I'm giving him and extra 25mg before
      bedtime tonight -- hopefully, it will clear his lungs. I've noticed
      that he doesn't pee as much anymore -- maybe he's adjusted to the
      dosages -- I hope it's not kidney problems (but he's going in on
      for a check-up finally).

      No doctor has told me to give him more than 25mg a day. However, I've
      read that in severe cases, you can give the kitty up to 4-6mg/kg
      (via IV) of body weight (check out www.vetheart.com/diseases.html for
      a good overview of feline heart problems and treatment), but I
      believe this info is for veterinarians, not animal owners. Also,
      someone on this board posted a couple of months ago that she had her
      cat on 60-80mg per day (sounds like an extreme case!!) to keep the
      fluids under control, but later that amount was reduced...

      I would call your vet to find out if you can give your kitty more and
      how much (I'm NOT suggesting you give your cat the above dosages,
      just telling you what I know since I've had the same question). Since
      your cat has CRF, I guess the lasix should be very controlled? Our
      vet said it can cause kidney problems. Vets don't seem to like
      changing dosages over the phone, but maybe since you just went in,
      your vet will. I know that I won't bring my cat in for a stressful
      emergency visit every time he has labored breathing (not to mention
      it would costs $1000 each time at our emergency clinic).

      Lasix used to be a miracle drug for my cat. One minute he would look
      like he was on his last legs w/ CHF and after some lasix, he'd be
      eating, yelling at me, and wanting to go outside. Good luck!

      --- In feline-heart@egroups.com, <STRANO@A...> wrote:
      > i got a new thing to struggle with, my honey who is
      hyperthyroid/heart murmur/MILD crf, is having a bout of (i think)
      > congestive heart failure. this is new territory for me and very
      frightening. i dont know what the objectives of treatment are, or
      > what...
      > i know this is a tightrope walk, with the crf and the heart. i HAVE
      to give some fluids, but i HAVE to drain them out with diuretics
      > because upon xray thursday, her lungs were FULL of fluid.
      > the vet gave her a shot of a diuretic, and a shot (wish i knew how
      much) of some type of steriod (probaby dexamethasone) because he
      > thought he heard a wheezing... we came home with lasix 12.5 mg
      1/2 once a day, but that is not seeming to be enough), some
      > heart pills (give 1/6 per day) and she has been on baytril and
      antirobe because of her teeth which cannot be worked on.
      > friday she seemed quite a lot better, peed a lot and acted much
      hungrier, and also this morning. but not this evening! listless,
      > doesnt want to eat, very weak. gave her the lasix and heart pill at
      mid day, and by evening empowered myself to give her another 1/2
      > tablet of lasix because her breathing seemed a little too labored
      > last night i did give her 100 ml's of ringers because she NEEDED IT
      and also dr said i would have to continue the fluids (as well i
      > know) because of her kidneys. but tonight even tho she feels a
      little sticky, i am going to skip them. normally i would give her
      > 200 to 250 a day, maybe skip a day here and there. and her numbers
      for crf have been "perfect" - the numbers of someone without crf.
      > i hate being stuck on the weekend like this. i want to know how
      lasix is too much and just what the emphasis should be and what
      > type of equilibrium to look for, for her. and what about her
      tapazole... is it better for heart/kidneys (when there is chf) for the
      > t4 to be on the low side of normal, or high side of normal?
      > this is killing me. i sure would appreciate any experiences or
      advice anyone has, who has battled with this. thanks.
      > Teresa Strano - Please see my 4 "Twice Abandoned" kitties at
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