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Re: [feline-heart] CRF plus CHF - help!

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  • Helen
    Teresa why do you *have* to give fluids? Does Honey get dehydrated without them? I know you are a big advocate of fluids generally, but Dr Kathy believes most
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2000

      why do you *have* to give fluids? Does Honey get dehydrated without them? I
      know you are a big advocate of fluids generally, but Dr Kathy believes most
      cats don't need them until Crea is over 3.5, and from what you say, Honey's
      Crea is normal. Even if Honey does need *some* fluids, it is obvious that
      the amounts you are giving are far too high for her heart to cope with.

      I don't know if you saw Dr Kathy's post last week that said very few cats
      need more than 100ml a day. In fact, my Thomas does need 200ml a day, but
      his creatinine is over 7, and he doesn't have heart problems. You yourself
      say Honey has mild CRF so I doubt very much that Honey needs as much as you
      are giving. As Agnes said, you are treating a heart patient who also happens
      to have CRF, not the other way round, so I think you need to re-consider
      your approach. Do you know what the heart medication is that you are using?

      Here is Jim's site re congestive heart failure - warning signs to look out


      HTH, good luck


      > i got a new thing to struggle with, my honey who is hyperthyroid/heart
      murmur/MILD crf, is having a bout of (i think) severe
      > congestive heart failure. this is new territory for me and very
      frightening. i dont know what the objectives of treatment are, or
      > what...
      > i know this is a tightrope walk, with the crf and the heart. i HAVE to
      give some fluids, but i HAVE to drain them out with diuretics
      > because upon xray thursday, her lungs were FULL of fluid.
      > the vet gave her a shot of a diuretic, and a shot (wish i knew how much)
      of some type of steriod (probaby dexamethasone) because he
      > thought he heard a wheezing... we came home with lasix 12.5 mg (give 1/2
      once a day, but that is not seeming to be enough), some
      > heart pills (give 1/6 per day) and she has been on baytril and antirobe
      because of her teeth which cannot be worked on.
      > friday she seemed quite a lot better, peed a lot and acted much hungrier,
      and also this morning. but not this evening! listless,
      > doesnt want to eat, very weak. gave her the lasix and heart pill at mid
      day, and by evening empowered myself to give her another 1/2
      > tablet of lasix because her breathing seemed a little too labored again.
      > last night i did give her 100 ml's of ringers because she NEEDED IT and
      also dr said i would have to continue the fluids (as well i
      > know) because of her kidneys. but tonight even tho she feels a little
      sticky, i am going to skip them. normally i would give her
      > 200 to 250 a day, maybe skip a day here and there. and her numbers for crf
      have been "perfect" - the numbers of someone without crf.
      > i hate being stuck on the weekend like this. i want to know how much lasix
      is too much and just what the emphasis should be and what
      > type of equilibrium to look for, for her. and what about her tapazole...
      is it better for heart/kidneys (when there is chf) for the
      > t4 to be on the low side of normal, or high side of normal?
      > this is killing me. i sure would appreciate any experiences or advice
      anyone has, who has battled with this. thanks.
      > Teresa Strano - Please see my 4 "Twice Abandoned" kitties at
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