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Re: [feline-heart] Important Enalapril Info

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  • Miguel &Linda Irrgang
    Hi Helen, I don t know alot a bout any of this but I will keep you and Harpsie in my thoughts and prayers. Purrs, Pumpkin and Linda
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 29 5:31 AM
      Hi Helen,

      I don't know alot a bout any of this but I will keep you and Harpsie in my
      thoughts and prayers.

      Pumpkin and Linda

      Helen wrote:

      > Hi, everyone
      > this has me worried and I thought I should run it by you guys.
      > Harpsie, HCM, has been poorly the last couple of weeks (though it doesn't at
      > this stage seem to be related to his HCM) - he was an in-patient for a few
      > days recently but seems to be relapsing )-: We booked a vet appointment at
      > short notice yesterday and agreed that since it is time for his annual heart
      > ultrasound, they will run this next week and also ultrasound his abdominal
      > area and kidneys.
      > We didn't see our usual vet because I booked the appointment at short
      > notice, and Harpsie was his usual monster self at the vet's and the vet was
      > concerned about his stress levels; so I explained to the vet that Harpsie
      > was normally very happy and easygoing at home, that he seems to be doing
      > very well on Enalapril and that until he got whatever he's got at present,
      > he would run around and play chase with the other cats even though he is 8
      > and has HCM. I said I was very satisfied with Enalapril.
      > Then my vet told me it's being discontinued in two weeks time! She said they
      > are replacing it with another drug called Vaso something-or-other. I know
      > you guys in US (I'm in UK) sometimes call Enalapril Vasotec, so I heaved a
      > sigh of relief and said I'd heard of it and that was fine, it was just
      > Enalapril by another name. She said no, it wasn't called Vasotec but
      > something else beginning with Vaso, that it is still an ACE inhibitor but a
      > different one which is better for the kidneys. She said Enalapril is being
      > discontinued because of its effects on the kidneys.
      > This made me even more confused. I thought Enalapril was sometimes used in
      > the US for cats with both HCM and CRF because it is supposed to help balance
      > both conditions? But presumably it is bad for the kidneys of cats without
      > CRF, like Harpsie?
      > Anyway, I'm very uncomfortable about the idea of changing from a drug that
      > works. I thought you would like to know so you can check what is happening
      > with Enalapril in the US, is this a worldwide thing or just the UK.
      > And please pray we find nothing sinister on the ultrasounds )-: Harpsie was
      > such a monster at the vet that she refused to be the one who ultrasounds him
      > (which is fine by me, because I want his usual vet to do it). His usual vet
      > managed to do the ultrasound last year without anaesthesia, I pray to God
      > she can do the same this year. He is very easy going at home but he gets so
      > scared at the vet - he peed on himself again yesterday. They have to wear
      > gauntlets, he is so wild. And he only weighs 10lbs! I hate taking him there
      > because all that stress is bad for his heart, but we need to find out what
      > is going on.
      > Helen, Harpsie, Indie and Thomas
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