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Re: [feline-heart] please explain

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  • Beverly A Ford
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      > My vet wrote this letter when he wanted to transfer her to another
      > do you know what all this means?
      > Boo Boo was admitted in respiratory distress. Initial treatment included
      >( oxygen, butorphenol, nitroglycerin,, lasix and ampicillin.)=medications
      Boo Boo was given. (Radiographs)= another term for xray.> revealed
      (cardiomegaly) =enlarged heart with (pulmonary edema)=fluids on longs+/-
      (broncho-pneumonia)=pneumonia in the bronchial tree of the lungs. An
      (ECG )=another term for EKG> transmission to Cardiopet revealed sinus rhythm
      and one isolated VPC during a
      > long lead two.
      > I hope this helps you to understand the medical terms. Bev

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