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  • Karen LeBlanc
    Steph & Gus: Bailey is on Furosemide Solution for fluid build-up and Cardizem for his heart. Also he gets a baby aspirin every 3 days. My vet gave me some
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 3, 2002
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      Steph & Gus:
      Bailey is on Furosemide Solution for fluid build-up and Cardizem for his
      heart. Also he gets a baby aspirin every 3 days. My vet gave me some
      samples of a treat/chewable to see what flavors he likes before putting the
      meds in it. I may try this for the next prescription.

      I've been crushing the aspirin and putting it in the can food juice and that
      has been working OK so far.

      I guess its all just trial and error until we each find the best way for our
      individual pet. Cat personalities are all so different, thats part of what
      I love about them.

      Sure I'll take your pharmacists number just in case mine doesn't offer other
      flavors to compound the meds in. Thanks!
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      What heart meds. is Bailey on? We have Gus' atenolol compounded into
      a treat/chewable form that works like a charm! His enalapril is in a
      liquid tuna suspension which he loves, too. For aspirin, we use a
      pill splitter and quarter and adult strength tablet and so it's
      small...it goes down easily---we just open his mouth and pop it in
      using our fingers. It seems to get easier each time. The pharmacist
      we use is animal-specific. She is really nice. If you want, I can
      give you her number. She mails Gus' meds. 2-day...it costs about
      Good luck, Steph & Gus.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "kyleb239" <kleblanc@j...> wrote:
      > I have been reading the posts here for a few days now and decided
      > post. Everyone here seems to be very helpful with information and
      > support. My litte man "Bailey" was diagnosed with HCM 2 weeks
      > He started out having trouble breathing so I took him to the vet.
      > After xrays, the doc told me what he suspected. HCM was confirmed
      > after an ultrasound. Just to introduce him, he is a brown tabby
      > (probably has Maine Coon in him). He is 8 yrs and weighs 13.5 lbs
      > (use to weight 17). He is a sweety and I've had him since he was 8
      > wks old.
      > He has been on lasix and heart meds for 2 weeks now. He seems to
      > breathing fine and feels better although not quite himself. Its
      > though because he hates getting medicine. I can't even begin to
      > him so his heart med is compounded into liquid form which he also
      > hates but its the only way I can get it into him. He is getting
      > quite hostile however and I hate that he is afraid everytime I go
      > near him. The vet gave me some samples of flavored soft discs that
      > medication can be put into, so maybe I will try that next. He
      > to know when I try to put the meds in treats or can food and turns
      > his nose up. I can't leave them out either because my other kitty
      > might eat it. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as
      > to what to try would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks!
      > Karen

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