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Re: Orange got a clot tonight - paralyzed :(

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  • gussielou49
    We will be thinking of you & Orange...take care, Steph & Gus ... a ... with
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 27, 2002
      We will be thinking of you & Orange...take care, Steph & Gus
      --- In feline-heart@y..., "cookielu1999" <cookielu1999@s...> wrote:
      > Thank you so much for sharing Cyndy, Heather, Linda & the boys,
      > Sally, and Jeanne,Lo, Bono & angels Dom & Snickers.
      > At 6pm Orange has begun shallow rapid breathing and is occasionally
      > crying out now. I have been w/ her most all day to observe whether
      > she is having pain. She is now. I have been helping her to the
      > water bowl and holding her paw most of the day. She is no longer
      > interested in eating - even her favorite, roasted chicken. One of
      > the paralyzed legs has stiffened and she is soooo cold now -
      > everywhere, not just the back legs. We had a talk and she gave me
      > look and I know what she was saying. I cannot let my lovely little
      > friend suffer, not after all the joy she has given me and how kind
      > and loving. She has been such a good kitty..not once has she ever
      > misbehaved.
      > I just spoke w/ my vet. I have decided to let Miss. Orange go
      > tonight. The house call vet will be calling me back momentarily
      > an ETA. This is the first time I have had to do this.
      > Thanks for the support and help.
      > Maria
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