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Re: How do you do it?!!

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  • cookielu1999
    Yes, thank you so much for the detailed account Z. It helps a lot to understand what another person does, and how she does it. Sounds like Widgie enjoys a
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 22, 2002
      Yes, thank you so much for the detailed account Z. It helps a lot to
      understand what another person does, and how she does it.

      Sounds like Widgie enjoys a variety of foods. You are very lucky
      indeed. Orange is a really picky eater. She won't even eat baby
      food with anything in it. I roast chicken for her, she likes that -
      but not if anything is being passed off with it. Thanks for insight
      on preparing beef heart. I was intimidated by it...have bought it
      twice only to let it go bad because I was afraid if I didn't cook it
      properly it would do more harm than good. But you safely feed it
      raw, so I see my concern is unfounded! Do you purchase the heart
      from sources that don't feed hormones, or is that not really a

      I am not a vegetarian, but I have always disliked the practice of
      raising veal. Now I find myself w/ a 19 yr. old kitty with IBD who
      can only tolerate veal. I just can't allow myself to think about it.

      Like Widgie Orange also has some asthma. She doesn't require
      inhalers but this is why she is still on Lasix and methylpred. When
      the vet 1st discovered her congestive heart failure she didn't think
      Orange would survive more than 3 months because of the severity of
      the pleural effusion...I'm very glad the vet was so wrong.

      So far I have been very blessed w/ Button too. Her cardiologist said
      she might see her 1st birthday.....and guess what! Button is a year
      old now!!!! No seizures, no cyanotic episodes, not passing
      out...just a tiny bit of open mouth breathing when she plays too
      hard. Button is my baby w/ lots of inoperable congenital heart
      defects. I put a lot of effort into finding surgical help for her,
      but there is none - at least not until heart/lung pump companies
      decide it would be profitable for them to make cannulas of a size to
      accomodate kitties blood vessels.

      I will ask my vet if Orange can/should give the Tumil-K a try. from
      your experience Z, do you think it could have a positive effect on
      Orangey's appetite? Luckily Orange's kidney function is still good.

      Thanks again. Thanks for taking such good care of your kitty babies
      and sharing your wealth of experience with the rest of us.

      --- In feline-heart@y..., "zellenesa" <zellene.sandler@p...> wrote:
      > --- In feline-heart@y..., "cookielu1999" <cookielu1999@s...> wrote:
      > > Wow Z, how do you get all these meds and supps in Widgie? And,
      > I
      > > ask....how does one cook beef heart? I want to feed this to both
      > my
      > > heart kitties, but I don't have the foggiest notion how to
      > it
      > > for a cat.
      > Okay, here's what I do for Widgie. Each day, she gets her vitamin
      > supps mixed in some room-temp Beech Nut baby food meat or poultry.
      > finger feed this and she like it. I give this after dinner, around
      > pm. Then at 10, I give her 1/4 Atenolol...I usually mold a bit of
      > bread around it and pill her directly. This is the only thing I
      > to "pill." Every other day, she gets the Lasix, smashed into some
      > baby food peas (organic.) Finger fed in the morning...she LOVES
      > food peas. The Tumil K she gets about 3 days on, 1 day off. I mix
      > gel with the Beech Nut and finger feed right after she eats
      > dinner...I think it's easier on the tummy . So that's it for the
      > heart meds and supps. Widgie also gets 2 puffs of Flovent inhaler
      > morning and night, followed by some Liv A Littles freeze dried
      > chicken, which she goes crazy for. Widgie does put up with a lot,
      > most of it is given as treats. I always reward her for taking meds.
      > Re: beef heart. I buy a heart from the market that has them, cut it
      > into two approx. 8 oz pieces and freeze it. I use it to make Jubi's
      > homemade food along with other ingredients. I either cut off a
      > of the frozen and thaw it, cut into small pieces and feed, or when
      > cook Jubi's food, I just cut the heart into smaller pieces and
      > in some oil very lightly, so it's still pretty red inside. I set
      > aside some for Widgie and cut into very small pieces. Jubi likes
      > hunks but Widgie doesn't have the teeth for that. It's super easy
      > make this. I also lightly saute chicken or beef liver this way and
      > feed on occasion. I've found that chicken liver will work even when
      > my girl is being very fussy over food.
      > Re: Tumil K. I also read that blood work doesn't show true values
      > potassium. Widgie's last test was low normal and she's on diuretics
      > and has rear leg weakness so we are supplementing. You CAN get too
      > high levels of potassium, especially if there is significant CRF.
      > Widgie hasn't been re-tested in a few months, but next time she
      > in we'll do a full blood panel.
      > z
      > ps. I am a vegetarian and initially it was hard for me to deal with
      > heart and liver. Believe me, you do get used to it. I will do
      > anything for my kitties, little carnivores that they are!
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