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Re: [FH] Bleach is gone...

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  • Jan
    Dear Isako, I m so sorry to hear about your preicous Bleach. I was crying by the time I read your post as it reminded me of my Pretty Girl. Always remember
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2002
      Dear Isako,
      I'm so sorry to hear about your preicous Bleach. I was crying by the time I
      read your post as it reminded me of my Pretty Girl. Always remember that
      the happiness and love she gave to you was a reflection of the happiness and
      love you gave to her. My thoughts and prayers are with Bleach, and also
      with you and Matt.

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      > I just wanted to tell you that we had to let Bleach go this morning.
      > She threw another blood clot Saturday morning and woke us up
      > at 6am. Last year it was only her front paw that was affected.
      > This time paralyzed her both hind legs which is the worst kind.
      > We found her howling in pain and panting rolling around on the
      > floor. She was so panic-ed she just kept grabbing me and biting
      > me (hard, but no skin broke, as usual). When I brought out her
      > cat carrier, she actually dragged herself to it, and clawed her way
      > in (I helped her a bit, but she made it in most of the way herself!).
      > That was surprising to us, but I guess she knew she needed
      > help, or wanted to get off the hard floor onto more confined,
      > softer place.
      > We took her to the emergency room. They tried to treat her for 24
      > hours, but she just got worse. In the course of testing, we also
      > found out that she has turned diabetic (ironically, I had planned
      > to get a urine sample to my usual vet on the day she got
      > hospitalized, since she's been drinking a lot of water). So the
      > doctors put her on heparin, insulin and some sedative,
      > antibiotics, and pain killer. Last night when we visited her, she
      > had just wedged herself in the back corner of the cage, facing
      > away from the door. She barely responded to my touch and
      > seemed more annoyed by being touched, but at least she was
      > somewhat upright. It did not look good at all though, and at that
      > point I was starting to wonder if I should have not even tried to
      > treat her this time (we knew it was very bad when we took her to
      > the hospital, and was fully prepared to put her to sleep
      > immediately to spare her the pain, but the vet wanted to try to
      > treat her, so we consented).
      > But this morning, we got a call from the vet saying that she is
      > getting worse, and is starting to suffer badly. By the time we got
      > to the hospital, she was totally unresponsive, shallow breaths
      > and mewing softly. She was crying out when the vet brought her
      > out, but she quickly quieted down as soon as I got to her, so I
      > think she recognized me. But she could barely move her head
      > lying sideways, and was in obvious distress. So we decided to
      > let her go. She went quietly with her head lying on my hand.
      > She's been acting out-of-sorts for about 2 weeks, so I guess I
      > knew it was coming. I've been letting her out to explore the yard
      > and have some fun, and also been trying to give her more of her
      > favorite food (she's been an indoor cat all her life, so a
      > supervised exploration in the front patio among my potted plants
      > was a treat for her). Thanks to the digital camera we have
      > several good pictures of her from the night before the ordeal
      > started too.
      > Poor kitty. We knew this day will be coming, but knowing doesn't
      > help, obviously. Matt (my husband) & I are terribly upset, but we
      > knew this was the right thing to do. I just wish she didn't have to
      > spend her last 24 hrs in a cage in a strange place (although I
      > know it helped her with the pain by being there, but it's just not
      > home). It's really hard, since she always greeted me at the door
      > when I returned home, and followed me around like a puppy all
      > her life (very un-cat like behavior). We were so attached to
      > eachother, even if Bleach is in deep sleep, she will wake up
      > immediately and follow me to the next room if I got up and
      > moved. Now I come home to an empty doorway, and no one
      > tripping at my feet.
      > I miss her terribly already, and having all her momentos around
      > the house doesn't help. She was a creature of habit, and there
      > are too many articles that has a strong association with her
      > habits.
      > We asked for a private cremation and will be getting her ashes
      > back in about 2 weeks. I don't know what I'll do after that, but I
      > just couldn't bear the thought of communal cremation knowing
      > how much she didn't like being with other pets.
      > We are now left with one cat (Matt's cat.. one-cat, one-human
      > household got combined to two-cat, two-human household
      > about 3 years ago). He's usually not very affectionate, and is
      > aloof, but for the past day, he's been very gracious about me
      > constantly picking him up and petting him (I did that all the time
      > to Bleach). But my super lap-kitty is gone, and I feel terrible.
      > She had her quirks, but was the gentlest, caring cat I've ever met.
      > Bleach--
      > Born April 1989
      > Adopted Jan 23 1990
      > Crossed the continent 4 times during her life (got lots of
      > compliments from the flight crew on how calm she was!)
      > Crossed the bridge June 2 2002
      > Isako
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