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Re: [FH] Sending my thoughts to those who are grieving

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  • Christine Paulsen
    What a wonderful message to send. Last saterday( one week ago), my Spoo through another clot and effected the hind legs. That night I could hear her
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2002
      What a wonderful message to send. Last saterday( one week ago), my Spoo through another clot and effected the hind legs. That night I could hear her breathing over my husbands snoring and was so scared. She sounded like she was gurgling and I was so afraid her lungs were filling with fluid. I slept for 2 1/2 hours on the floor and cried myself to sleep. Spoo is a black cat with an "attitude". my best buddy. All I could do was stare at the clock and was waiting for her to die in front of my eyes. It was 2:30am and I was helpless. When I woke up in the a.m. she looked at me and purred! By Monday afternoon she was walking around the house like nothing ever happend. I was in so much amazment that I cried again!!!(happy tears) . Tuesday (after the holiday weekend) I called the vet and told him what happened, and he was amazed too. She was diagnosed 7months ago with HCM and not expected to make it through the winter ! Tuesday night she was eating and going to the litter box again.
      My Spoo is my buddy. I talk to her all the time, and she talks back. She follows me every where I go and shows so much affection. I tell her everyday that I love her. Sometimes when nobody is around I even sing to her. She loves to be sung to when getting a kitty massage!!
      Your message was so true and insperational. When I was stressing out I called my mom, my best friend. She always sets me on track. She told me I have given my Spoo the best life ever. She reminded me how she would have been an outdoor cat if she would have even lived when I found her. She just turned 9 last month and is quite a fighter. I'm so amazed with her and proud of her fight. I will be there for her with every fight she has. And I too will grieve soon and more than I ever have with any animal in my life. But I will continue to adopt and love and loose again. That is the circle of life!
      Thank you for your thoughts and sharing them with us!!
      Chris and Spoo

      pussiqatt <pussicat@...> wrote: I've been reading all the past posts, and am so very sorry for
      Bonnie, Shelley, Trish, Eve, and all who have lost their furry family
      members. Reading each story, I realized just how deeply each of us
      loves our cat, and how closely we bond with them.

      Certainly our cats know this, appreciate our love, and though we feel
      helpless when the end is near, we are there for them. What greater
      gift can these beloved friends have, than to know that they are
      surrounded by love?

      My parents both died 4 years ago, and they suffered terribly in the
      end. My mother became very miserable and we kids felt useless. Yet
      just before she died, she had a moment of lucidity, and we knew that
      she loved us dearly and wasn't angry at us.

      It's the sickness that causes the pain, and when your little kitty is
      looking at you sadly, it's not because he/she blames you. It's just
      the progression of the disease. Our cats instinctively know that
      we're always on their side, and if they get cranky or scared, it's
      not at you. The most common reaction to death is guilt. No matter
      how hard we try, we still feel we didn't do enough. But time does
      heal those wounds, though that sentiment doesn't help during the
      grieving process.

      So I'm sending my love and thoughts to you all. We all share your
      sadness, we all have been there and will be there again. But I'll
      tell you what, I'll do it over and over again. Unconditional love is
      a precious gift.

      Lots of love,


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