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Bella in trouble breathing problems emergency clinic/ some effusion. need help

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  • Melody Woods
    Bella had frightening breathing problems this morning and we rushed her to emergency vet.practice One we had good experience with last time.. Different vet now
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      Bella had frightening breathing problems this morning
      and we rushed her to emergency vet.practice

      One we had good experience with last time..
      Different vet now and im not comfortable ...not sure she'll do what's best for Bella tomorrow as well as today

      This is issue,,right now Bella on oxygen cause i insisted ,
      but the emergency vet also wants to do aggressive diuretics
      ..Bell is already badly dehydrated
      No sub q obviously this morning, no food either.
      I asked them to give her tiny bit of sugar after tests or honey..they .refused.... unless..they decide d..........she really really needed it.
      What about low blood sugar concerns?
      They take blood for these tests ....why not some glucose or honey .after blood loss?
      .they dont know my cat ....she needs the glucose.

      . Their solution and this attitude concerns me .... aggressive approach of two different diuretics this vet wishes to give along with intravenous fluids also concerns me as bell is very dehydrated already..
      I'm asked for potassium sparing diuretic vet said it wasn't as effective as another but that they will
      monitor etc..and she wanted me to leave Bella there a day or so..i said no, would pick her up tonight if breathing improves..but we then decided will call them in three hours and i only authorized and paid in advance for oxygen x rays blood pressure and monitoring ...hers my problem

      .I've seen to many members all lists with bad feelings about a situation live to regret not following their instincts ..but if we take her home breathing will worsen tonight and then its another emergency vet for more oxygen and even less funds,,right now we have
      appointment with backup regular vet on Monday not the close vet with nice staff naturally he's away somewhere,,,peter principle

      .but backup vet wouldn't give me a current prescription for oxygen tank
      i was always about to get it but stupidly didn't. when i had current prescription
      her breathing never stayed labored long before and it was rare
      That was a very stupid decision on my part

      .Maybe vets right and diuretics will get rid of fluid and I'm being a nervous idiot
      but what if this approach harms her one remaining kidney which is keeping her alive and doing triple work with little function....
      .. Emergency vet said we got her there in time ..that as good news
      We would like to take Bella home better not worse ....

      ...Would anyone who has had extensive experience with early/ all aspects of effusion but fast breathing
      I would like your opinions

      one more thing
      Not to happy with staff at the vets office we are supposed to take her Monday unless we come up with a better alternative Though
      one lady in the office did try to help vet didn't talk to me once directly

      My questions were simple
      Can we give any sub q at all even 25 or 50 and can we have prescription for oxygen to tide her over till Monday..result

      No prescription ....and totally idiot answer on second question
      Another vet in this office told different staffer to tell me
      150..sub q
      No one had told him we were talking bout effusion issue ..
      This is why being educated by this list saves our cats so many times..

      I have to decide what to do in next two hours...take her home . keep her there..diuretics/ no diuretics.. find a last minute substitute for this other vet.?

      Bella as some may remember is a 22 year old kitty ...
      She doesn't have lots of time We know that
      Maybe deciding right gives her all she can have
      We want to protect pretty Bella and share these days with her

      Bella needs all of you in her corner today if ever there was a time
      She is a good kitty please help her

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