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Re: Fluid Buildup Question

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  • sallymerlin
    Greetings Greg and Mocha, My Muffin has been dealing with the same problem for nearly 4 months now...I know how discouraging dealing with this situation can
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2002
      Greetings Greg and Mocha,

      My Muffin has been dealing with the same problem for nearly 4
      months now...I know how discouraging dealing with this situation can

      I tried the spironolactone and found that for Muffin, it was not
      very effective, but if your vet is up for it, I think it is worth
      trying...some kitties have better luck with it when it comes to
      treating ascites (the tech name for abdominal fluid build up). My vet
      has had two cariologist consults and they both seemed to not be able
      to provide much in the way of ideas or new treatments...but I am still
      looking searching for new ideas.

      For now Muffin is on Atenolol (to regulate his heart rate and BP),
      Lasix (to supposedly increase fluid production and elimination) and
      Lotensin to supposedly open up his circulatory system. But he has lost
      a lot of muscle mass since starting these treatments and I heavily
      suspect the Lasix is to blame.

      You need to look into another possibility for Mocha....since you
      had lymphatic fluid in the first tap, you need to ask your vet about
      the possibility that Moch may have Feline Chylothorax, a disease of
      the lymphatic system which is treated very differently than CHF and
      it's related fluid build-up. If it is not chylothorax, you might want
      to investigate a drug called rutin...someone here suggested it to me,
      but my vet ruled it out for Muffin.

      Right now we do abdominal "taps" about once every 2 weeks...I don't
      like doing it, but it seems to be the only way to control the
      build-up. The first time we did it it was pinkish, but now it is
      always clearish. Once, we had to go to a different vet and they did a
      terrible job...they did not use a sterile proceedure and were rather
      rough around the needle site, causing bruising. We won't go back there
      again. Sometimes after a "tap" with the sudden drop in protien in the
      system, you'll get small pockets of fluid showing up in strange
      places....Muffin had one show up on his hock after one tap...scared
      me to bits, but it went away in 2 days.
      We were also very fortunate to have an accupuncturist and she
      helped slow the build-up...I recommend looking into this if at all
      available in your area.

      The only other thing that I have found in my research is to use
      dandilion extract.

      Please, let's keep in touch about this condition..we need more
      information, more choices and better ways to manage our friends

      Best wishes to you and Mocha

      Sally and Muffin

      --- In feline-heart@y..., gregalrags@a... wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Mocha has been doing well. However fluid has started building up in
      > abdomen, but not around his heart or lungs. We had it drained three
      > ago, most of it was lymphatic fluid, but it was mixed with a little
      > Apparently this is a rather common occurrence in dogs, but rather
      rare in
      > cats. His cardiologist upped his dosage of lasix (he was already on
      > aldactone), but it has not helped. We have another appointment on
      Friday to
      > drain some more fluid. Has anyone else here experienced this? Is
      > something else we can do to help stop the fluid from building up so
      > Thank you for your help in advance,
      > Greg & Mocha
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