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Subject: A few questions - price of Echo

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  • S Zacher
    I paid $220 for Spanky s echo/ultrasound in Wisconsin. My vet doesn t have the equipment so they have a specialist that comes in to perform them and interpret
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      I paid $220 for Spanky's echo/ultrasound in Wisconsin.
      My vet doesn't have the equipment so they have a
      specialist that comes in to perform them and interpret
      the results. My pet insurance covered $80 of the $220.

      Stacy, Keesa and Spanky

      3. How much do you guys usually pay for an
      echocardiogram? I'm asking
      because I've noticed a couple of you saying that you
      could not afford
      one. I don't mean to offend anyone by this, and I
      realize that I
      don't know your financial situations or what kind of
      money troubles
      you are having. But Morris' echo only cost $275, which
      included a
      technician coming to my regular vet's office, and an
      by a cardiologist at the animal medical center in New
      York. Were it
      not for the echo, we would not have known that he had
      Now, $275 is not exactly cheap, but it would have been
      much more
      expensive if I had not got the echo, not started
      treatment because I
      didn't know he had a heart problem (vet originally
      thought it was
      just allergies; I am the one who insisted on a chest
      x-ray which
      eventually led to the echo and the diagnosis), then
      one day came home
      and found Morris collapsed and unable to breathe and
      had to rush him
      to the hospital for critical care. Like they say, an
      ounce of
      prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once again, I do
      not mean to
      offend anyone and am sorry if I am starting off on the
      wrong foot
      here, but I am curious. Am I getting an exceptionally
      good deal?


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