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  • diane@mathermotorsports.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2000
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      >Hi there and take a deep breath, you have found a resource full of
      >caring people who have walked the path you have so suddenly and
      >frightfully found yourself on. Melody gave you some good advice,
      >Gerber baby food, the meats, beef, turkey, chicken, veal, ham and no
      >onions. You can also put a little on the tip of your finger and
      >gently pull it off inside her mouth against the back of her front
      >upper teeth. Did your vet do a full panel of blood work? You
      >should know if she needs potassium supplements, you should find out
      >how much taurine to give baby if she starts to eat people food which
      >has no taurine in it I gave my cat taurine. What will the
      >cardazime do to help did they explain that? Do you know how to
      >check her color of gums, tongue and nose to find out how much oxygen
      >is getting into her system? All those places should be pink, If
      >you see her gums are pale pink, grey, whitish, deep purple, to dark
      >purple you have an indication that you should check out with the
      >vet. Try and get a good idea of what is a normal color for her so
      >as time goes on you can see if she is deviating from that and take
      >action to help corrrect it. Also start counting how many breaths she
      >takes in a minute(you can count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 and
      >get a feel for the quality of her breathing so you can tell when it
      >is normal so if it becomes labored you can spot it. All these
      >observations will help you detect any new signs or changes which you
      >can talk to your vet about. Ask your vet how many breaths a cat
      >normallymakes in a minute so you can judge her by those standards as
      >well as the number which becomes normal for her. I bought a
      >stethoscope so I could listen to her heart beats and count the
      >number of times in a minute her heart beat. If there come any
      >changes you will know right away and can check it out with the vet.
      >Hang in there, it will all become very, routine for you both.
      >Try to find out if she has signs of an infection you could take her
      >temperature or maybe the vet drew blood and can check her WBC. A
      >troubled heart could have a little case of endocarditis going on
      >which responds very very quickly and well to antibiotics which have
      >to be continued for 5-6 weeks. If she had an ultrasound done as
      >part of the workup you just had sometimes the ultrasound can show
      >signs of endocarditis which shows up around the edges of the valves.
      >Sheck all around the inside of her mouth at all the tooth and gum
      >meeting places to make sure those places don't look infected. After
      >you get infections ruled out you'll feel better. Back to food, what
      >about deli turkey, chicken, lo salt ham, beef cut up into little
      >confetti size bites and offered? The vet should have some A/D food
      >with is way high in nutrient punch. Also the vet could provide you
      >with H/D wet which is formulated for kitties with heart problems.
      >Protein is the key. As for the vomiting my cat really responded
      >well to a homeopathic call Nux Vomica 30C potency. I have never
      >used Slippery Elm Bark but I see it mentioned many many times and
      >always with praise. Could vet prescribe tagament, pepcid or some
      >other antinausea medication? Watch and make sure she is drinking
      >now that you have started lasix. The lasix also could have an
      >initial effect of producing constipation because the stool will be
      >drying out as the fluids are reduced. That shouldn't last but could
      >occur initially.Sounds like you are a wonderful and devoted mom who
      >is really there for your baby. God Bless you and please keep in
      >touch I would love to be able to hear how it is going and see if I
      >can help you. There are a lot of us out here and we'll be pulling
      >for you. Best of strength Patti and Angel Lilli
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