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Re: [FH] Bella/need clear path

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  • shelley seidman
    Hi Melody I am sorry that Bella fell and that you are hurting for her. Gloria did the same thing a few weeks ago, and seems to have more trouble jumping onto
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 5, 2002
      Hi Melody

      I am sorry that Bella fell and that you are hurting for her. Gloria did the same thing a few weeks ago, and seems to have more trouble jumping onto the bed. She was stunned by the fall ,but heart and all else ok.
      You know your kiity better than anyone ,so watch her as closely as you can. You must be doing something right to have kept her living a good quality life this long!!
      Our fingers and paws are crossed for you.
      Shelley and Gloria

      Shelley and Gloria

      Melody Woods <newoods@...> wrote: This list has so many new members
      that I'm not how many will remember us.

      My cat Bella is 22 and has been
      in kidney failure for very close to two years.
      and has a large heart murmur

      Today she fell again trying to jump on the bed.
      This is the third time she has fallen like this over a
      period of time and imp worried , I don't feel any
      swelling but she doesn't seem comfortable

      The last few nights she has woken me up about
      every hour from two AM ,
      in the past it was maybe. twice a night
      i usually bring her
      different food or warm milk, . usually cat food and baby food together
      it's now nonfat milk which lately she seems to want.
      She has lost interest in KMR.

      I'm not sure what to do.or what to look for other then swelling.
      What if she bruised her heart in the fall?

      In three days it will be the anniversary of her daughter's loss
      and in four days the anniversary
      of my joining this list.
      This time
      brings it all back so vividly ,
      fear and anger, regret and deep deep sorrow.
      The echo of what happened before
      may be affecting my perceptions now
      but that's not really it

      I also feel that she
      is slowly fading.

      I don't even know if i should take her to the vet today.
      Even though my present vet is a big improvement
      over what we've had to deal with in the past,that is
      not fly by night, not mean, or indifferent
      doesn't have an insane office staff, mentors
      one of my lists,writes a column on pets
      for metropolitan paper so more responsive
      im not that confident about his ability
      to extrapolate from the confusing
      and vague symptoms of my older kitty.

      The vet i wanted her to see is very far away
      and i need to have my husband drive me
      and he needs considerable notice.

      Three times we had set up an appointment
      and the vet first became ill himself
      then took a while to recover..

      i think i will try to set this up again,
      but it doesn't answer what to do today.

      If there is any apparent swelling.
      I will take her closer vet of course.
      In such an old cat, anything is possible..

      She has had some seizures
      but this seemed more a fall
      I'm always aware though
      that one small mistake can unravel everything.

      I just wish we had a clearer path

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