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Fw: [feline-hyperT] O.T./Mari & FeLV cats

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  • Voula
    Dear friends, apologies for this off topic post. Mari is an email friend of mine. She does wonderful work for the needy cats of this world. If anyone can help,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      Dear friends, apologies for this off topic post. Mari is an email friend of mine. She does wonderful work for the needy cats of this world. If anyone can help, email me personally for Mari's address. Thank you. Following is a message from Pam and Alyssa about Mari's situation.
      Love, Voula


      This was sent to me from a friend on the CRF list. Mari has been
      giving her life to her special needs & FeLV kitties & she's now right on
      the edge. Please see if you maybe have something you can send her to
      help her out? Those of us with kitties who have cancer are using much
      what she is using too & if we can donate some of our supplies to her, it
      will mean so much.

      This is one woman trying to save the kitties no one wants. Please help

      Pam & Troika


      I apologize in advance if this off-topic message offends anyone, but I
      writing this message to all of you because a friend of mine, Mari, has
      providing a forever home for special needs cats for 25 years, and she
      our help before her utilities are cut off and she loses her home. Mari
      on the east side of Houston, Texas, and she has focused her rescue
      on leukemia positive (FeLV+) kitties for the past ten years. They are
      "mumpkees" as she calls them, and she cares for them providing
      care, love and a forever home until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. Many
      them also have feline herpes virus, a virus to which 80% of all cats
      been exposed but to a small percentage it is a serious chronic disease
      causing them to lose an eye or suffer from recurring bouts of uri's and
      pneumonia. She also provides a forever home for those who have been
      those missing eyes or limbs or those that are totally blind. Furbabies
      are incontinent or have a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (the
      of the brain called the cerebellum which controls balance has been
      due to genetics or the mother being exposed to distemper during
      are also welcome at Mari's. For most of Mari's babies, her forever home
      kept them from being put to sleep by caregivers who couldn't or wouldn't

      care for their special needs.

      Feline leukemia is not the death sentence that many may think it is.
      cats with leukemia and/or herpes can (and do) live for many years. The
      mumpkees are positive for leukemia and/or herpes viruses, but they are
      "sick" with it. Vitamins and supplements help to keep their immune
      strong so that they can live relatively healthy lives. Looking at most
      them you would not know they were sick as most are fat and healthy
      They just are harboring viruses that could activate at any time. In
      to the FeLV+ mumpkees and other special needs babies, she feeds a colony
      ferals and has had all of them neutered and provides shelter and
      care. She has financed all of this on her own with no support from
      groups or other individuals.

      Mari has had a tough time with finding work in her field -- she is an
      level administrative assistant and has excellent computer skills, but
      the past year she had been working 12 hours a day at a grocery store gas

      station for $5.25 an hour trying to make ends meet. Then the owner had
      close it after the 9/11 tragedy. Having Enron, the airlines and Compac
      laying off in the thousands each sure didn't help her job search.To add
      her problems, the area she lives in was hit by serious flooding last
      and thousands lost their homes. Mari was fortunate that she didn't lose
      home, but she lost a lot of furniture, carpeting and most all of the
      and the extra food and litter that she had stored and has not been able
      replace any of it as she can't afford insurance.

      I know times are difficult and we all have vet bills and other expenses,
      Mari has devoted her life to these special creatures that most do not
      and right now she seriously needs money to keep a roof over their heads
      the utilities on. If she loses her home, these babies who are healthy
      happy but not perfect will be euthanized as Houston shelters are filled
      capacity with healthy cats trying to find a home.

      If you can spare a little cash or can send some supplies, Mari would be
      thankful. She has had to sell family jewelry and other valuable personal

      items and is very afraid that she won't be able to pay the rent or keep
      electricity and heat on, but she still continues to care for the kitties
      need providing not just rescue but a loving home. She is a very caring,

      selfless person who desperately needs some help. Please find it in your
      hearts to help her and her kitties make it through this difficult time.
      assistance is greatly appreciated. If we can each just send $1 or maybe
      it would help her immensely. She isn't eligible for financial assistance

      because she does keep working but we all know that a minimum wage job
      support a family. You can respond to me or directly to Mari at
      MUMPKEES@.... Her computer blew up last summer and she can't
      to fix it or buy a new one, so she goes to the library and may not be
      to respond immediately.

      Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer. Please help these
      special furbabies stay in their forever home, warm and happy until Mari
      get back on her feet. I keep thinking about what it would be like to be
      that situation and knowing that my Calico, El Tigre and Scarlett might
      their lives because I lost my home and there was no place for them to

      Some things Mari needs (partial bottles of supplies are okay):

      Gift certificates or gift cards to Wal-Mart, Petco and Petsmart for cat
      and litter.

      Pet Tinic

      Val Syrup

      Eyebright (herb)

      Any kind of immune booster

      Ester C high potency

      Powdered Vitamin E

      Cat Vitamins

      Esiak (a cancer herb mixture)

      Echinacea (tincture and capsules)

      Echinacea and goldenseal (tincture and capsules)

      Lysine - 500 mg. tablets or capsules

      Empty Gel Caps in small to medium sizes

      Amoxicillian (tablets or capsules)

      Clavamox (tablets)

      Baytril (tablets)

      Advantage and revolution flea control products (flea season has already

      Thanks again.

      Alyssa, Calico, El Tigre and Scarlett (the dog who loves cats)
      Phoenix, AZ

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