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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    hi lisa, you are so right on the nickel about everything you say....thx for the uplifting words...i needed them today..... have a great day, linda and the boys
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 2, 2002
      hi lisa, you are so right on the nickel about everything you say....thx for
      the uplifting words...i needed them today.....

      have a great day,

      linda and the boys

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      Hi Debbie
      My cat "Bean" was diagnosed with HCM in December 2001. I was totally
      shocked and heartbroken and I didn't know anything about it. Bean was only
      8 months old when diagnosed so the vet reckons he was born with it. He was
      being treated for a urinary blockage that didn't improve and then the HCM
      was diagnosed. Bean had x-ray's, Ulrasounds - everything you could think
      of. Today he is doing GREAT. He is twice the cat he ever was - more active
      and happier in himself. He is on 1/2 Lasix twice a day, 1/2 Atenolol once a
      day and 1/2 Asprin twice a week. I do limit his exercise now too. He is
      going for his 3 month Ultrasound on Monday so fingers crossed.
      My advice is to read all you can about this disease, find out as much as you
      can - the internet is GREAT. and most importantly find yourself a good vet.
      Mine is a God!!! This group was a great help to me so make sure and keep
      us updated. With the right treatment HCM cats can live a very happy content
      life - It is not a death sentence. They may not have as long on this earth
      as many other cats but as long as Bean is with me his time will be happy.
      Best of luck to you and Chief
      Lisa and Bean

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      Hi my name is Debbie and my 1 year old cat Chief was diagnosed with
      hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy yesterday. They found it
      actually by accident went doing an exam on him. He was at the
      Columbus MedVet for an ultrasound on his bladder for occuring urine
      infections. As the vet was listening to his heart she said she heard
      a murmur and it was quite loud 4/6 grade. She sent him to a
      cardiologist(sp?) and the ultrasound found that. He is on Atenolol
      once a day to slow his heart rate down. They want it less than 150
      beats per min. and if it isn't then we have to go to 2 times a day.
      He will be checked again in 2 weeks, then in 3 months for another
      ultrasound to see how fast it's progressing or if it is or not.

      Debbie and Chief

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