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Re: [FH] Back from the Vet and Panicking Re: Gloria

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  • Bonnie
    most likely the epogen hasn t started working yet or she needs more of it. Is she getting it 3x weekly? Arthur s epogen stopped working and I m still not
    Message 1 of 14 , Feb 26, 2002
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      most likely the epogen hasn't started working yet or she needs more of
      it. Is she getting it 3x weekly? Arthur's epogen stopped working and
      I'm still not sure if it's antibodies or a consistent infection. Are
      they treating for an infection? High wbc can also be infection. By the
      way, I saw the clarification on subq's/iv's and wanted to also say that
      I don't think most vets sedate but if the vet doesn't have a mechanical
      dripset that beeps when the fluid is not getting in, there is a good
      chance not a whole lot is going to get in. I know because my new
      wonderful vet let me take ARthur home on iv fluids (yes he is home with
      a catheter-we've been doing subq's for almost 3 years) and it doesn't
      drip unless his leg is straight out so I syringe it in every 1/2 hour or
      so. Tonight I'm going to make a little splint so it does go in but just
      be careful of that. I wonder how much fluids cats get in hospitals that
      don't have the leg splinted. Anyway, subq's can be very cheap. You can
      order a case of 12 for an average of about $2.00 per bag. Many vets
      will try to charge you $30 or more a bag (mine used to charge me $43
      when Deerface had crf before I learned you could order your own). Check
      out the crf list for details. I got mine from Schueler Health Care.

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