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Culture and sensitivity

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  • Jordan
    Sheba does seem to be filling better already. Her appetite was much improved this morning :) I just got the Culture and Sensitivy results back from the vet
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2014
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      Sheba does seem to be filling better already.    Her appetite was much improved this morning  :)
      I just got the Culture and Sensitivy results back from the vet from 5/19/14:
      AMIKACIN                    S <=2
      AMOX/CLAV                 S  8
      AMOXICILLN                R <=32
      CEFOTAXIME                S
      CEFTAZIDIM                S
      CEFTIOFUR                 S <=1
      CEPHALEXIN                S 8
      CHLORAMPHE              S 8
      CIPROFLOXIN               S
      GENTAMINCIN              S <=1
      IMIPENEM                    S  <=1
      MARBOFLOXA              S <=0.5
      NITROFURAN               S <=16
      ENROFLOXAC               S <=0.12
      PIPERACILL                   R >=128
      TETRACYCLI                S <=1
      TOBRAMYCIN                S <=1
      TRIBRISSEN                S   <=20
      CEFOVECIN                    S  2
      CEFPODOXIM                S   0.5
      UA   5/19/14
      BACTERIA                NONE SEEN
      BILIRUBIN                NEGATIVE
      BLOOD                    3+  H
      CASTS                    NONE SEEN HPF
      CLARITY                TURBID
      COLOR                    RED
      CRYSTALS            NONE SEEN HPF
      EPI CELL                1+   (1-2)  HPF
      GLUCOSE                NEGATIVE
      KETONES                NEGATIVE
      MUCOUS                NONE SEEN
      OTHER                 SEE NOTES
      PH                        8.0
      PROTEIN                SEE NOTES
      RBC                        <100HPF     H              0 - 5
      SP GRAVITY            1.019
      UROB                NORMAL
      WBC                    30-50 HPF                   0 - 5
      AMORPHOUS DEBRIS PRESENT         3+        (300-500 mg/dL)
      Protein test is performed and confirmed by the sufosalicyclic acid test.
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