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Re: New member: Help/advice needed

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  • Heather Thompson
    Just wanted to say, I feel your pain. I wish there was a veterinary cardiologist in Utah. I just had an echocardiogram on my kitty and due to a respiratory
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2014
      Just wanted to say, I feel your pain.  I wish there was a  veterinary cardiologist in Utah.  I just had an echocardiogram on my kitty and due to a respiratory issue it had to be incomplete only got one side of his heart, but we do know he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  We know his is genetic as he had a half sibling die at 9 months from it and had another 1/2 sibling with patent ductus.  He came from a siamese kitten mill   He was asymptomatic we found an enlarged heart on xray when we were xraying his joints (front and back legs).  So we had an echocardiogram done.  He is going on Diltiazem once we get it from the human pharmacy.  He had fluid in around his lungs but the internal medicine dr felt it was due to his chronic respiratory/sinus problem.  He was sedated and flushed out and put on Lasix for a few days which helped, but now it's back so he's going on long term zithromycin.  We are going to follow up with another ultrasound in a few months.  I hope you are able to get to the cardiologist and figure out what is causing your kitties problems.  I also feel your pain about the more than one kitty being sick, dealing with 3 of them at the moment with various issues, not to mention my dog too.  Good thing I work for a vet and my dad is a semi-retired one :)  Wishing your kitty good luck.

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