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RE: [FH] Schmutz is in CHF=access life..

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  • Blakey Girl
    Hi! Wow really? I am starting to think he s always run this high since i could always see his chest moving you know? And it seems like he s not trying as hard
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2013
      Hi! Wow really? I am starting to think he's always run this high since i could always see his chest moving you know? And it seems like he's not trying as hard to breathe if that makes sense. Kind of sad when a couple weeks with him sounds like heaven though huh? Ya, i'm in no rush to put him to sleep. He's acting a little sleepier and he's def. a little pissed at me ( i participated in the holding down for oxygen part ). But i kind of chalk that up to the huge amount of lasix he's on and the fact that we were at the vet from 11-2 yesterday doing nothing fun to him. He's acting normal though! In fact, 6 am this morning he was chasing his brother around. LOL.

      That's interesting about the tap because my vet recommended it but it was a money issue so i said no.  He's a tough cat and i'm not interested in putting him down until he's done fighting. I'm more just wondering what to expect with him. It seems like there all sorts of articles out there with a life expectancy for a CHF cat, but they are all different. It just sucks. I'm sure everyone can relate.

      Blake and Schmutz

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      Subject: Re: [FH] Schmutz is in CHF=access life..
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      Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:12:28 -0500

      Hi there, I dont have a kitty who has heart disease but i have one with asthma. And her NORMAL breathing?? ready?? 40-50! yes most textbooks say its an emergency=the trick is to make sure gums pink and ears pink. if you see blue then its trouble. as far as the edema i have seen alot of cats be on lasix and live many many weeks on it. if not months. Personally I dont think its time to let kitty go=BUT only if you can keep the fluids from backing up. Obviously we dont want to see them having trouble breathing. Do you remember whats normal for kitty?
      does kitty still walk/talk and potty normal?
      Does kitty act sluggish or peppy?
      Is kitty purring and interacting with you?
      Does kitty stare off into space and ignores you?
      There are many definitions of quality of life. Some folks would give up and let em go, some folks like me will try my best to keep them comfortable.
      my vet doesnt believe in PTS unless all else fails. She has walked me through several sick animals. one I had to let go unrelated to heart disease..her bone marrow shut down. we did all we could..in your case I would try the lasix, just remember dont tap fluids unless its life or death-a recent message came out-cant remember if it was this group or lymphoma group but evidently new studies show by tapping fluids the risk of infection runs up and now recommend treating with direlects (sp) basicly lasix,. I hope the more experienced owners can CHIME in...I if I was you for today wouldnt let kitty go..review the earlier questions and see how you come out...we have seen many cats have lots of things wrong but they continue to eat/purr/pee./poo and zz so for now I would let her/him live...hope this helps..all too often vets push PTS probably because they dont want to see you and kitty get in a crisis situation BUT I am seeing more and more owners stepping up to medicate and nurse our babies.
      Just look back 10 years=back then we usually let cancer kitties go..now we have treatments..its not perfect but I would digest this and access kitty and see what you come up with..feel free to post your answers on here and we can help you decide if PTS is the time or not..we are here for you.
      Tonda n honeybee an asthma kitty who defided the odds for today at least..

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