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  • homoplasmate
    My cat also has been diagnosed, after X-rays becoz of asthma, with an enlarged heart; apparently it is pushing against his right
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 30, 2013
      My cat also has been diagnosed, after X-rays becoz of asthma, with an enlarged heart; apparently it is pushing against his right lung preventing breathing - creating co-morbid symptoms with the asthma. --- the vet says it's untreatable besides steriods & diuretic, just a matter of prolonging his life as long as possible by reducing symptoms (blood pressure etc) she also recommended ultrasound but didn't think it would change the diagnosis or prognosis, or even treatment...? --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, <Groetzinger6@...> wrote: Hi there,
      I am writing as my cat too was thought to have an enlarged heart in xray for asthma=we did an echocardiogram and found out heart is fine. My vet recommended we start my cat on inhaled steriod medication and a rescue inhaler. If you join the feline asthma group we have all the info for you to buy the aerokat inhaler and the medications you can buy overseas alot cheaper than here in the usa. the highest dose med costs about $360. over in new zealand its $50 for the same thing. same manufacturer different packaging slightly different container it comes in. So I would have those xrays looked at-if there are donuts/tram lines then yes its asthma. you can read more on our feline asthma group. there is a questionaire you can fill out and us members chime in to help. hope this helps!

      Tonda n honeybee.

      ps honeybee has been puffing away since march and her asthma is under control. on high humid days she needs the higher dose meds..in the spring the mid level dose one was fine.

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      I don't know if a specific test exists or not, but I can tell you that one of my cats, Moe, was diagnosed with asthma by the vet and the radiologist seeing signs of asthma in the x-rays. The radiologist also thought that something could be wrong with his heart too, even though the vet didn't think so, so we went off to a cardiologist for further tests. Thankfully in this case, it turned out to be just asthma, and nothing at all wrong with the heart. His asthma treatment has been effectively controlling the symptoms. We've taken him off of it for a few days, and the symptoms come right back. In our situation, there's really no doubt that its asthma.

      Now Moe has been on an inhaled steroid, twice a day, for about 2 years now. What concerns me about what you wrote is that you said she "recovered" after a few days. Everything that I know about asthma in both the feline and human form, shows that asthma is a chronic disease, that you won't recover from. You can have good and bad days, and days with symptoms and days without, but treatment plans usually involve daily preventative medicine. Its not a disease that one should ever stop taking medicine for. I know that in some cases, the amount and frequency of medicine may be reduced, but usually if it is stopped completely, the symptoms will come back. I'd personally recommend finding a vet who has more experience with feline asthma because I'm a little worried that your's seems to treat it with steroids until the symptoms stop, and then stop treating. Maybe I'm reading what you wrote wrong though...but I really believe that daily treatment, usually with some form of steroid, is necessary most of the time.But with that being said, I know that oral steroids can be dangerous for heart kitties, so I'd personally recommend an inhaler for the kitty. That's what we use with Moe and it seems to work really well.

      I'd be concerned about the arrhythmia, and would definitely have a cardiologist check it out, but if it turns out to be just asthma, or asthma AND heart disease, I would suggest looking into inhaled steroids. My vet told me that even though Moe's heart tests all came back looking good, she still recommends the inhaled steroid because its still the safer option, even for cats without heart issues. I would definitely ask your vet about some long term care after you get the results from the cardiologist. Good luck :-)


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      > Hello all,
      > Is asthma diagnosed by process of elimination or is there a test for feline asthma? Kitty story below.
      > I may have another kitty with heart disease. She isn't related to my heart kitty, TJ.
      > This kitty, BB, is between 1-2 years old domestic long hair who came into my home last October. In July she went into respiratory distress. She was taken to vet, had chest xray and was treated for asthma. She was given lasix and a oral steroid. She recovered after a few days of treatment,which the vet felt was further indication of asthma. Then two weeks later, no longer on steroid or lasix, she went into respiratory distress. This time she saw ER vet 1 hour away. Further xrays and heart monitoring (listening through stethoscope) ER vet thought she might have congestive heart disease. Although her side xray did not show an enlarged heart like my HCM kitty. The ER vet did hear an arrhythmia (an extra heart beat). Regular vet confirmed he thought he heard the same too. She has been on lasix 6.25 BID, and more when breathing indicates it is needed. No further steroids. Unlike my confirmed HCM kitty, BB's breathing can change rapidly which may be caused by en vironmental factors.
      > She is scheduled to see cardiologist and internal medicine next week. I do notice high humidity and heat affect her breathing. And, her breathing increased after I had walked bear foot in the grass. After washing legs and feet, I re-visited BB and her breathing was fine. Could indicate a grass allergy.
      > Is asthma diagnosed by process of elimination or is there a test for feline asthma? Since she had two rounds of xrays, I am hoping cardiology will only do an echocardiogram. Then refer her onto internal medicine. Any suggestions welcomed.

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