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  • nyppsi
    I forgot to send this to the group. Dick ____________________________________ From: Nyppsi@aol.com To: thegapgal@aol.com CC: nyppsi@aol.com Sent: 8/21/2013
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      I forgot to send this to the group.

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      That's 100% correct.

      The vet either calls the Rx in to the pharmacy you choose, sends it to the
      pharmacy electronically or gives you a written script to take into the

      The pharmacist (compounder) then compounds the medication and fills each
      gelcap with the correct dose. All you have to do is pick it up, pay for it
      and give it to Sheba (I love that name!).

      The exception, of course, is when a whole pill is the daily dose
      (Enalapril) or when the dosage doesn't have to be absolutely exact (Pepcid AC is a
      good example). So, just to make the pill easier for Jesse to take, and keep
      him from having to endure the awful taste, if it will fit in a gelcap,
      either whole or cut up or crushed, I'd usually just put the med in an empty
      gelcap myself. I get the empty gelcaps for free from the same pharmacist. You
      can get the gelcaps in just about any size to fit the size of the med dose.
      they can also be ordered online, but I never had to do that as my
      compounding pharmacist knew he'd be able to retire on the profits he made off all
      the meds for my fifteen cats and my wife and myself. I gave him my exclusive
      business and made sure he knew that.

      The compounded meds will, of course, cost more than the basic medication
      itself as you are paying for the compounding and the stuffing of the gelcaps
      --- but, IMHO, it's well worth the price. Saves you a lot of hassle and you
      can feel secure that the proper dose is being given. No guesswork.

      Give Sheba a big hug for me. Love her and adore her like today is the last
      day, then be grateful when another day of quality life is given to her and
      you to share.

      Warmest regards.

      Dick & My Many Angels

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      Oops . . .I forgot one thing. I wanted to ask you about your compounded

      Your pharmacist provides you gelcaps with the exact dosing of each
      medication that Jess was taking. Did I understand you correctly?

      Thank you again,
      Jordan and Sheba

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