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Re: [FH] Possible international relocation

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  • Vickie LeVan
    Hi All,   Thank you to those who have shared their experiences.   I am moving to Spain, if this all works out. The final destination is Barcelona but there
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 6, 2013
      Hi All,
      Thank you to those who have shared their experiences.
      I am moving to Spain, if this all works out. The final destination is Barcelona but there aren't direct flights there so thought we'd go into Madrid and train to Barca. Delta has flights from Atlanta to Madrid and Iberia get there from Miami. Either departure is the same driving distance from us so not worry with that. I'm just really not a fan of Iberia so leaning towards Delta. I also thought of OpenSkies into France as they seem to have the most flexible pet policy - they allow 6 in economy whereas Delta allows 4 and Iberia can't advise that information.
      My job is here until the end of the year, well the date is flexible. I work for an airline in their call center and the entire center is closing and there are multiple release dates with the closing in Dec. So I would be able to leave almost anytime after October. I'm not opposed to making two trips to get everyone over if needed but I have friends / colleagues who have offered to travel with one of the cats for a free airline ticket and as they will be unemployed also and will have some time to travel. 
      My big concern is Illyana's breathing. She is a Persian she has a flat face with a really tiny nose. She sometimes sounds "snuffly" but I use a bit of saliene solution and that helps her. But I've heard stories about snub nosed animals having breathing issues due to the altitude. I'm still waiting on calls from her cardiologist. I'm not a fan of their office but they  are highly regarded and we don't have many options here. They just take forever to get back to you.

      Thanks again,

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      Hi Vickie, I am based in Italy and moved my two kitties ( one now has HCM) on Lufthansa several times back and forth from the US. Lufthansa allows pets in the cabin and one per person ( we travelled business class ) but you need to book in advance as they only allow so many pets per flight. I think you can take them on in economy as well.
      Don't worry about the litter box.. You have to stop their feeding the night before travel although they need water and you can put a pad in the carrier. I moved from PHX to Florence.
      Where are you moving to from Florida?
      All the best,

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      Subject: [FH] Possible international relocation

      Good Morning All,   I have a dilema. My job is ending and I have been offered a great opportunity to move overseas. I have wanted to live in Europe for over 25 years and this would be wonderful. My concern is obviously moving pets. We have 3 cats, two of them are great and while they would not enjoy the transatlantic flight would be safe through the journey. My baby, Illyana is a Persian (so we have the snub nuse breathing issues) and has cardiomyopathy. None of them would ever go via cargo. I have a friend to assist on the flight as it's my mom and I moving. But my concern is Illyana. I live in Florida and from here it's 8.5 hours or from JFK it's 7 hours so it's long to be in a carrier and without a litter box. I looked into Cunard but they don't have any kennel space this year or next. Insane as it sounds I did look at a private plane but that is so way out of budget. Obviously, I would speak with her cardiologist and regular vet but before I
      bother them I wanted to come to you first. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, do I continue to search or just stay in the US?   Thank you, Vickie [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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